the game in 2004


Name Racer Image Karts Item
B Dasher, Plumber Blimp, Shooting Star, Plunger Bike

Mario uses a Speed Mushroom

Poursalgt 5000, L Car, Plunger Bike

Luigi uses Boo

Heart Runner, Castle Blaster

A Heart Mushroom

more to come.....



Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Lighting Cup Star Cup Leaf Cup Rainbow Cup
Mario Circuit Yoshi Circuit Boo Lake Luigi Circuit Jungle Japes Peach Circuit
Yoshi's Island Peach's Castle Isle Defrino World 3-2 The Wastelands World 6-1
Mushroom Island Moo Moo Village Castle Bleck Ludwig's Far Castle Hotel Poop a Lax Circuit Mario's Lair
Foster Blimp Daisy Circuit Wario Temple Donut Plains Bowser Castle Rainbow Road


Shell Cup Banana Cup Boo Cup Shine Cup
WII Luigi Circuit N64 Karltira Desert GBA Bowser Castle 1 SNES Mario Circuit 2
NGC Dry Dry Desert WII Version Bowser Castle 3 DS Mario Circuit ARC Banana Temple
ARC Snow Panic WII Coconut Mall N64 Royal Raceway ARC Castle Wall
DS Version Baby Park ARC Rainbow Coaster SNES Vanilla Lake 2 WII Rainbow Road


Mario Cup (The Circuit Theme) Egg Cup (The Jungle Theme) Minor Cup (The Galaxy Theme) Major Cup (The Island Theme) World Cup (The Rainbow Theme)
Mario Circuit D.K.'s Island Good Egg Galaxy Yoshi's Island Pipe Rainbows
Yoshi Circuit Banana Ship Circuit (Inside) Ghostly Path Circuit Mushroom Island DS Rainbow Road
Peach Circuit WII Version D.K. Mountain Bowser Galaxy SNES Koopa Beach 1 SNES Rainbow Road
Luigi Circuit Jungle Japes N64 Rainbow Road WII Version Shy Guy Beach Rainbow Coaster


Level 1Edit

Racer Round Track Misson Boss
Mario 1 Mario Circuit Drive 5 Gates and use Mushrooms ?
D.K. 2 Moo Moo Village Collect 10 Coins before the timer runs out ?
Yoshi 3 Yoshi Circuit Use 2 Speed Boosts and use Stars ?

more to come.....

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