Template:Game-infobox Mario Kart: Bash n' Dash!! is a future Mario Kart video game for the Nintendo 3DS. It is the second Mario Kart game to be on the Nintendo 3DS. The game features DLC, distributed by Nintendo Network.

Gameplay Features Edit

Old Gameplay Features Edit

The Bikes and 2-Player Online mode from Mario Kart Wii, air gliding, underwater driving and kart designer from Mario Kart 7, and anti-gravity, DLC and Mario Kart TV from Mario Kart 8 are reused to Mario Kart: Bash n' Dash!!.

New Gameplay Features Edit

A prominent addition is jetpacks, allowing the player zoom as fast as they can. There are also a new Mission Mode with 8 levels and new bosses.

Controls Edit

  • A Button: Accelerate/Rocket Start
  • B Button: Brake
  • X Button: Use Items/Stop Item Roulette
  • Y Button: Look Backwards
  • R Button: Drift
  • L Button: Tricks
  • Control Pad: Switch to 1st Person mode
  • Circle Pad: Steer/Auto Drift
  • Select Button: Options Menu
  • Start Button: Pause Menu
  • Stylus: Switch Map view

Game Modes Edit

Grand Prix Edit

As usual in the series, Mario Kart Bash n' Dash!! has the Grand Prix mode. In this mode, a single player has to complete against seven computer opponents to obtain the Cups in the game. The Grand Prix mode has three engine classes: 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc. The higher engine class, the harder Grand Prix races.

After completing all cups in 150cc engine class, the player unlocks the 150cc Mirror Class.

Time Trial Edit

Time Trial allows the player to complete three laps or sections of a race course within three speed boosts in the fastest time as possible. The player's records are saved as Staff Ghosts. With the Nintendo Network the player can exchange Staff Ghosts and race with them.

VS Race Edit

In VS Race mode, players can customize the races by personally selecting custom settings, such as the computer racers' difficulty, the engine class and the number of races. The player can play invidually or in teams.

Battle Edit

In Battle, the player can select one of the three battle types available in the game and one of ten battle maps. Five of them are new, while the other five came for previous installments of the Mario Kart series. There are also race courses as battle arenas, with five for Nitro Grand Prix and one for Retro Grand Prix.

Balloon Battle Edit

The classic battle style consist on popping computer racers' balloons to score, using the items for Item Boxes. All the racers start with five balloons. Hitting a rival within a Mushroom boost or Super Star will worth one point. Losing all balloons will spawn the racer, and the player who survives the longest, wins.

Coin Runners Edit

In Coin Runners, racers collect Coins spread over the course within a time limit of three minutes. The player that has most Coins when the time runs out, wins.

Bob-Omb Blast Edit

Racers use Bob-Ombs to hit their computer racers and score points to win the battle. Every racer can hold up to ten Bob-Ombs, and throw either forward or backwards. The racer who scores three points, wins.

Mission Mode Edit

Mission Mode was been returned for Mario Kart DS, this time as a brand new mode. The player must complete tasks and earn a ranking (*,** or ***) like Grand Prix mode. It involves eight levels, with four missions and a boss battle mission.

Characters Edit

Playable Edit

  • Mario (Medium)
  • Luigi (Medium)
  • Peach (Light)
  • Daisy (Light)
  • Yoshi (Medium)
  • Toad (Light)
  • Koopa Troopa (Light)
  • Koopa Paratroopa (Light)
  • Baby Mario (Light)
  • Baby Luigi (Light)
  • Wario (Heavy)
  • Waluigi (Medium)
  • Donkey Kong (Heavy)
  • Diddy Kong (Medium)
  • Bowser (Heavy)
  • Bowser Jr. (Medium)

Unlockable Edit

  • Rosalina (Medium)
  • Hammer Bro (Medium; New)
  • Baby Peach (Light)
  • Baby Daisy (Light)
  • Baby Rosalina (Light)
  • Toadette (Light)
  • Lakitu (Light)
  • Metal Mario (Heavy)
  • Green Platinum Luigi (Heavy; New)
  • Pink Gold Peach (Heavy)
  • R.O.B. (Heavy)
  • Miis (Any)

Race Courses Edit

Mario Kart Bash n' Dash!! has 20 new courses (Nitro Grand Prix) and 20 retro courses (Retro Grand Prix). There are the Egg Cup as new Nitro cup and the Coin Cup as new Retro cup.

Nitro Grand Prix Edit

Mushroom Cup Edit

  1. Mario Kart Arena
  2. Toad's Lake Hill
  3. Evening Forest
  4. Fire Flower Circuit

Flower Cup Edit

  1. Wild Waterfall
  2. Mario Circuit
  3. Peach's Pathway
  4. Bowser Jr. Airship

Egg Cup Edit

  1. Yoshi Circuit
  2. Double Cherry Pass
  3. Sherbet Palace
  4. Mount Paratroopa

Star Cup Edit

  1. Hammer Bro. Hideout
  2. Metal Market
  3. Airship Skyway
  4. King Boo Mansion

Special Cup Edit

  1. Molten Volcano
  2. Rosalina Circuit
  3. Bowser's Castle
  4. Rainbow Road

Retro Grand Prix Edit

Shell Cup Edit

  1. SNES Choco Island 2
  2. DS Cheep Cheep Beach
  3. Wii Toad's Factory
  4. 3DS Shy Guy Bazaar

Banana Cup Edit

  1. GBA Yoshi Desert
  2. GCN Mushroom City
  3. Wii Daisy Circuit
  4. 3DS Music Park

Leaf Cup Edit

  1. SNES Vanilla Lake 2
  2. N64 Wario Stadium
  3. GCN Dino Dino Jungle
  4. 3DS Rosalina's Ice World

Coin Cup Edit

  1. Wii Moonview Highway
  2. GBA Lakeside Park
  3. GCN Sherbet Land
  4. SNES Bowser Castle 1

Lightning Cup Edit

  1. N64 Yoshi Valley
  2. SNES Donut Plains 2
  3. GBA Bowser Castle 3
  4. DS Rainbow Road

Battle Courses Edit

This time, Battle mode has got Battle Arenas and courses like Mario Kart 8.

Arenas Edit

  • Lakeside Battlefield
  • Yoshi Star Galaxy
  • Icicle Ruins
  • The Battle Fort
  • Cosmic Colosseum
  • SNES Battle Course 2
  • GBA Battle Course 4
  • GCN Block City
  • Wii Funky Stadium
  • 3DS Wuhu Town

Courses Edit

  • Mario Kart Arena
  • Mario Circuit
  • Double Cherry Pass
  • Mount Paratroopa
  • Airship Skyway
  • GBA Lakeside Park

Vehicle Parts Edit

There are no ATVs, but Kart and Bike bodies appear. The player must add wheels, glider and a jetpack.

Kart Bodies Edit

Name Information Unlockable?
Standard Kart Just a standard kart, like in Mario Kart 7. No
Gold Standard A golden version of the Standard Kart. Yes
Pipe Frame The kart from three first installments. Yes
Sports Coupe A popular kart body from Mario Kart 8. No
Bolt Buggy A really dune buggy from Mario Kart 7. No
Egg 1 Yoshi's egg-shaped kart from Mario Kart DS. No
Bullet Blast A Bullet Bill as a kart. It looks cool! Yes
Galactic Rider Rosalina's galactic kart, it's a fine body. Yes
Para-Wing Paratroopa's shell kart from Mario Kart: Double Dash. Yes
Super Blooper A Blooper-shaped race kart from Mario Kart Wii. No
Turbo 9 A fast formula race car with good speed. No
Red Rider Mario's personal rider, coloured red with great speed. Yes
Green Rider Luigi's personal rider, coloured green with great speed. Yes
Yoshi Dasher Yoshi's new personal kart body with great acceleration. Yes
Koopa Clown Kart A Koopa Clown Car kart with good speed and handling! Yes

Bike Bodies Edit

Name Information Unlockable?
Standard Bike A classic bike from Mario Kart Wii. No
Sport Bike A very sporty bike from Mario Kart 8. No
Ninja Storm A sport bike with lightning bolt decals. No
Frostcycle A stylized bike for female racers. No
Motorcycle Drill A bike with great handling and off-road. Yes
Shooting Star Rosalina's bike, looks like a star! Yes
Shadow Bicycle A black bike with medium acceleration. Yes
Ninja Knight A sport bike with silver armor and great speed. Yes

Wheels Edit

Name Information Unlockable?
Standard Wheels The standard black wheel set. No
Gold Standard The gold version of standard wheels. Yes
Monster Big blue wheels with great off-road. No
Flame Monster Orange, big wheels with more off-road. Yes
Roller Small wheels with great speed. No
Slick Sport slick wheels with good handling. No
Slim Classic wheels with normal acceleration. No
Crimson Slim Crimson coloured slim wheels. Yes
Egg Egg-looking wheels with great speed. Yes
Cushion Coloured big wheels. It has great weight! Yes
Sponge Wheels covered with orange sponge. Yes
Sport Wheels, that had Zip Zip from Mario Kart Wii! No

Gliders Edit

Name Information Unlockable?
Super Glider A standard glider from Mario Kart 8. No
Gold Glider A gold version of the Super Glider. Yes
Peach Parasol Peach's parasol with good acceleration. No
Flower A daisy-looking glider. This is cool! No
Parafoil A rainbow-colored fantastic parafoil. No
Paper Plane A paper plane as a great glider. No
Mario Kite A Mario-shaped kite becoming a glider. Yes
Beast Glider A mighty beast wing as a glider. Yes
Winged Shell A winged Koopa shell. It looks great as a glider! No

Jetpacks Edit

Name Information Unlockable?
Standard Jetpack A regular, great jetpack to zoom over sky. No
Gold Jetpack A golden version of standard jetpack. Yes
Cape Feather A white and orange jetpack with good speed. Yes
Turbo Power A silver jetpack with two exhaust pipes. No
Bull's Eye Bill A jetpack that is a regular Bull's Eye Bill. Yes

Missions Edit

Mission Set 1 Edit

These missions are very easy.

Mission 1-1 Edit

  • Task: Collect 10 coins in 1 lap.
  • Character: Mario
  • Vehicle: Standard Kart/Standard Wheels/Super Glider/Standard Jetpack
  • Course: Mario Kart Arena
  • Opponents: None
  • Item Restriction: No items at all

Mission 1-2 Edit

  • Task: Pass through 5 gates in 1 lap.
  • Character: Waluigi
  • Vehicle: Sports Coupe/Slick/Parafoil/Standard Jetpack
  • Course: Evening Forest
  • Opponents: None
  • Item Restriction: No items at all

Mission 1-3 Edit

  • Task: Win the battle using only Bob-Ombs.
  • Character: Bowser Jr.
  • Vehicle: Egg 1/Sponge/Paper Plane/Standard Jetpack
  • Course: Lakeside Battlefield
  • Opponents: 7 random characters
  • Item Restriction: Bob-Ombs only

Mission 1-4 Edit

  • Task: Get in 3rd place or higher.
  • Character: Luigi
  • Vehicle: Bolt Buggy/Standard Wheels/Super Glider/Turbo Power
  • Course: Fire Flower Circuit
  • Opponents: 7 random characters
  • Item Restriction: No items at all

Mission 1-Boss Edit

  • Task: Use Mushrooms to hit Mega Goomba 3 times.
  • Character: Yoshi
  • Vehicle: Vehicle Designer Allowed
  • Course: Mega Goomba Battle Stage
  • Boss: Mega Goomba
  • Item Restriction: Mushrooms only

Mission Set 2 Edit

These missions are easy.

Mission 2-1 Edit

  • Task: Get in 1st place.
  • Character: Mario
  • Vehicle: Red Rider/Standard Wheels/Parafoil/Standard Jetpack
  • Course: Wii Daisy Circuit (two laps only)
  • Opponents: Wario and Waluigi
  • Item Restriction: No items at all

Mission 2-2 Edit

  • Task: Complete 1 lap.
  • Character: Bowser Jr.
  • Vehicle: Koopa Clown Kart/Slick/Parafoil/Turbo Power
  • Course: SNES Choco Island 2
  • Opponents: None
  • Item Restriction: No items at all

Mission 2-3 Edit

  • Task: Win the Coin Runners with most coins.
  • Character: Metal Mario
  • Vehicle: Standard Kart/Monster/Super Glider/Standard Jetpack
  • Course: The Battle Fort
  • Opponents: Green Platinum Luigi, Pink Gold Peach
  • Item Restriction: Stars only

Mission 2-4 Edit

  • Task: Drive under the bridge.... going backwards.
  • Character: Toad
  • Vehicle: Sport Bike/Slim/Parafoil/Turbo Power
  • Course: Toad's Lake Hill
  • Opponents: None
  • Item Restriction: No items at all

Mission 2-Boss Edit

  • Task: Use the Green Shells to hit Mega Pokey 3 times.
  • Character: Luigi
  • Vehicle: Vehicle Designer Allowed
  • Course: Mega Pokey Battle Stage
  • Boss: Mega Pokey
  • Item Restriction: Triple Green Shells only

Mission Set 3 Edit

These missions are somewhat easy.

Mission 3-1 Edit

  • Task: Collect 30 coins in two laps.
  • Character: Shy Guy
  • Vehicle: Super Blooper/Roller/Super Glider/Turbo Power
  • Course: Wild Waterfall
  • Opponents: None
  • Item Restriction: No items at all

Mission 3-2 Edit

  • Task: Win the head on head race.
  • Character: Koopa Troopa
  • Vehicle: Standard Kart/Monster/Winged Shell/Standard Jetpack
  • Course: Bowser Jr. Airship (2 laps only)
  • Opponents: Koopa Paratroopa
  • Item Restriction: No items at all

Mission 3-3 Edit

  • Task: Get in 3rd place or higher... going backwards.
  • Character: Diddy Kong
  • Vehicle: Bolt Buggy/Sponge/Super Glider/Standard Jetpack
  • Course: Double Cherry Pass (backwards)
  • Opponents: 7 random characters
  • Item Restriction: Bananas only

Mission 3-4 Edit

  • Task: Pass through 20 gates in one lap.
  • Character: Mario
  • Vehicle: Red Rider/Standard Wheels/Winged Shell/Turbo Power
  • Course: Mario Circuit
  • Opponents: None
  • Item Restriction: No items at all

Mission 3-Boss Edit

  • Task: Throw the Fireballs to defeat Mega Ice Bro.
  • Character: Rosalina
  • Vehicle: Vehicle Designer Allowed
  • Course: Mega Ice Bro Battle Stage
  • Boss: Mega Ice Bro
  • Item Restriction: Fire Flowers only

Mission Set 4 Edit

These missions are medium difficulty

Mission 4-1 Edit

  • Task: Collect 100 coins.
  • Character: Yoshi
  • Vehicle: Egg 1/Standard/Super Glider/Turbo Power
  • Course: Yoshi Circuit
  • Opponents: None
  • Item Restriction: No items at all

Mission 4-2 Edit

  • Task: Drive into the palace... going backwards.
  • Character: Shy Guy
  • Vehicle: Standard Kart/Slim/Parafoil/Standard Jetpack
  • Course: Sherbet Palace
  • Opponents: None
  • Item Restriction: No items at all

Mission 4-3 Edit

  • Task: Complete 1 lap, being... infected. You can collect potions to fill the infectometer.
  • Character: Lakitu
  • Vehicle: Shooting Star/Slim/Flower/Standard Jetpack
  • Course: GCN Mushroom City
  • Opponents: 3 Dark Lakitus
  • Item Restriction: Mushrooms and weapons.

Mission 4-Boss Edit

  • Task: Complete 3 laps before Mega Cheep Chomp!
  • Character: Koopa Paratroopa
  • Vehicle: Vehicle Designer Allowed
  • Course: Wild Waterfall
  • Boss: Mega Cheep Chomp
  • Item Restriction: Water Cannons, Mushrooms, Stars and Red Shells

Mission Set 5 Edit

These missions are medium difficulty.

Mission 5-1 Edit

  • Task: Collect 100 coins using Water Cannons.
  • Character: Luigi
  • Vehicle: Green Rider/Flame Monster/Paper Plane/Bull's Eye Bill
  • Course: Lakeside Battlefield
  • Opponents: Baby Luigi
  • Item Restriction: Water Cannons

Mission 5-2 Edit

  • Task:
  • Character:
  • Vehicle:
  • Course:
  • Opponents:
  • Item Restriction: