Mario Kart 9 is the ninth game in the Mario Kart series available for Wii, Wii U, Nintendo Switch and Personal Computer made by Power Paintbrush Productions and SeanWheeler. The player has transform into an hovercraft above water like Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed.

New Stuff Edit

  • Hovercrafts (Available above water)
  • Customizable courses, emblems and battle arenas
  • More characters, vehicle parts, items etc.
  • Story Mode

Game Modes Edit

Grand Prix (1 or 2 Players) Edit

In Mario Kart 9, the Grand Prix is very changed. The single player battles 9 computers to win the gold. Each cup has got 4 tracks, and there is ten cups. Coins are spreaded through the tracks, and there's no coin limit in this game. There are 3 engine classes that are available at start: 50cc, 100cc and 150cc. After completing 150cc Nitro Cups, Mirror will be unlocked. In Story Mode, you can unlock the new 50cc Mirror and 200cc.

Time Trials (1 Player) Edit

In Time Trials, the player need to complete the racecourse to record the competition time. When a race was started, there are 3 mushrooms in the Item Roulette Box. Once completed the race, the user is able to race against the Staff Ghosts.

VS (1 to 10 Players, Nintendo Network) Edit

In VS, the players battle against computers. The player has got options like how many races, racing in teams or not, which engine class, turn Special Items on/off, etc.

Battle (1 to 10 Players, Nintendo Network) Edit

Use items to become victor on a battle arena or a custom battle arena. The player need to select one of 4 battle modes. The battle modes become:

Balloon Battle Pop your opponents' balloons.
Bob-Omb Madness Hit the computers using Bob-ombs.
Coin Runners Collect as many coins as the user can.
Piranha Picnic Use Piranha Plants to bit the other battlers.

Story Mode (1 Player) Edit

Story Mode remains to World Tour in Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed. It has missions that you complete. The user takes control of playable character collecting coins and Green Stars.

Challenges (1 Player) Edit

The challenge remains a new mode in Mario Kart 9. Select a course to play on. The player need to create your own 8-mission levels, like collecting parts of Star Medal, driving through gates, collecting coins or blasting many enemies.

All-Star Mode Edit

All-Star Mode is available when all the characters was unlocked.

Grand Prix Engine Options Edit

  • 50cc (Start)
  • 50cc Mirror (Reach Area 2 in Story Mode)
  • 100cc (Start)
  • 150cc (Start)
  • Mirror (Win all 5 Nitro Cups in 150cc class)
  • 200cc (Defeat Dark Bowser in Story Mode)

Playable characters Edit

No weight and height classes appear in the game. Each playable character has got their bonuses (Speed, Acceleration, Handling, Weight, Items and Traction). This game has got largest roster for other Mario Kart Games. Also, the 4 Mii costumes was appear.

Starters Edit

  • Mario (Special Item: Fire Fly)
  • Luigi (Special Item: Poltergust)
  • Peach (Special Item: Hearts)
  • Daisy (Special Item: Flower Bed)
  • Yoshi (Special Item: Yoshi Egg)
  • Toad (Special Item: Mushroom Shield)
  • Koopa (Special Item: 5 Green Shells)
  • Lakitu (Special Item: Dark Cloud)
  • Baby Mario (Special Item: Mini Chomp)
  • Baby Peach (Special Item: Triple Bullet Bill)
  • Kamek (Special Item: Magic Spell)
  • Bowser (Special Item: Bowser Shell)
  • Bowser Jr (Special Item: Magic Paintbrush)
  • Donkey Kong (Special Item: DK Barrel)
  • Wario (Special Item: Smoking Bomb)
  • Waluigi (Special Item: Oil Slick)

Unlockables Edit

  • Rosalina (Special Item: Star Wand)
  • Metal Mario (Special Item: Opal Pipe)
  • Toadette (Special Item: Double Mushroom)
  • Shy Guy (Special Item: Spear Pack)
  • Baby Luigi (Special Item: Boo Balls)
  • Baby Daisy (Special Item: Watering Can)
  • Baby Rosalina (Special Item: Grand Star)
  • Luma (Special Item: Star Bits)
  • Lubba (Special Item: Sling Star)
  • Green Silver Luigi (Special Item: Silver Landscape)
  • King Bob-omb (Special Item: Ice Bob-ombs)
  • Birdo (Special Item: Birdo Egg)
  • Petey Piranha (Special Item: Poisonball)
  • Kritter (Special Item: K.Rool Missiles)
  • King Boo (Special Item: Mini Boos)
  • Boomerang Peach (Special Item: Pink Boomerangs)
  • Mii (Special Item: Parade Power)

In the shop Edit

  • Cosmic Mario
  • Goomba
  • Cheep Cheep
  • Boom Boom
  • Pom Pom
  • Kammy Koopa
  • Chief Chilly
  • Paratroopa
  • Dry Bones
  • Pauline
  • Party Phil

Mii Costumes Edit

Mii 1 Racing jumpsuit Clear Mission 1-1 in Story Mode
Mii 2 Overalls/Dress Defeat all bosses in Story Mode
Mii 3 Mario characters Reach World 8 in Story Mode
Mii 4 Highway Rollers suit Win 200cc Special Cup

Raceways Edit

Mario Kart 9 has got 10 tours of 4 courses, called also races or raceways. It has got a total of 40 raceways. 20 raceways are original, and other 20 are retro. The retro tracks has got theme remixes.

Mushroom Cup Edit

Name Lap Count Description Owned by
Luigi Stadium 3 The stadium in dusk shaped like Luigi's head Luigi
Toad Road 3 The course based on Mario Party 9's board Toadette
Yoshi Beach 3 The quiet beach with egg mountains Yoshi
King Boo's Haunt 3 The spooky haunt with Boos and Big Boos King Boo

Flower Cup Edit

Name Lap Count Description Owned by
Chocolate Valley 3 The valley beside Chocolate Island Koopa
Mario Circuit 3 The circuit located in Mushroom Kingdom Mario
DK Slalom 1, 3 Parts The jungle slalom that leads down into water Donkey Kong
Waluigi Carnival 3 The carnival owned by Waluigi and Wario Waluigi

Cloud Cup Edit

Name Lap Count Description Owned by
Broken Beach 3 The beach broken by logs and blocks Bowser Jr
Piranha Pipeways 1, 3 Parts The course lined by pipes and plants Petey Piranha
Gangplank Shipyard 3 The broken ship with Kackles inside Kritter
Silver Fortress 3 The silver fortress in the middle of lava sea Green Silver Luigi

Star Cup Edit

Name Lap Count Description Owned by
Danger Dungeon 3 The dungeon through big volcano Kamek
Yoshi Circuit 3 The spiral course through Yoshi's Island Yoshi
Luigi Overpass 3 The overpass through Luigi's Mansion Luigi
Castle Bleck 2 The course made for Super Paper Mario King Bob-omb

Special Cup Edit

Name Lap Count Description Owned by
Koopa Battlefield 3 The battlefield in Bowser's sunset villa Koopa
Comet Museum 2 The museum through Comet Observatory galaxies Luma
Bowser's Castle 3 The hi-tech castle made by Bowser Bowser
Rainbow Road 1, 3 Parts The rainbow coaster shrouding stars and meteors Green Silver Luigi

Retro Cups Edit

Shell Cup Banana Cup Blooper Cup Leaf Cup Lightning Cup
GCN Yoshi Circuit GBA Yoshi Desert DS Mario Circuit SNES Koopa Beach 1 GBA Snow Land
N64 Toad's Turnpike GCN Mushroom Bridge SNES Donut Plains 1 Wii Grumble Volcano GCN Wario Colosseum
Wii Moo Moo Meadows DS DK Pass GCN Dry Dry Desert N64 Royal Raceway Wii Bowser's Castle
3DS Piranha Plant Slide 3DS Music Park Wii Coconut Mall DS Yoshi Falls SNES Rainbow Road

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