Mario Kart 9 is a new game for the 3DS and Wii U and Switch with crossover from classic title like Adventure Time, Winx Club, The Legend of Zelda, and Regular Show.

Player CountEdit


  • World Grand Prix
  • Time Trials
  • Battle Mode


  • Hunter


  • Double Dash



Drivers are playable characters that ride on vehicles.

Name Image Size class Plant Food Ability Gem cost Unlocked
Baby Mario 100px Small 3x Mini Turbo 10 N/A
Baby Luigi 100px Big Bubble 10 N/A
Baby Wario 100px Baby Shower 12 Finish Champion Race in Vice Quitseb 3 times.
Baby Waluigi 100px Weird Transformation 12 Finish Champion Race in Lost City 3 times.
Baby Rosalina 100px Wee Wee Spin 12 Finish Champion Race in Rosalina Circuit 3 times.
Baby Pauline 100px Woo Woo Smash 10 Finish Champion Race in Tap Tribal 3 times.
Toad 100px Mega Mushroom 10 N/A
Toadette 100px Hypno-shroom 12 N/A
Toadsworth 100px Shrinker Ray 15 Finish Champion Race in New Mexico 3 times.
Koopa Troopa 100px Water Creation 12 N/A
Paratroopa 100px Water Sprinting 15 Finish Champion Race in High Pith 3 times.
Dry Bones 100px Bones Throw 12 N/A
Goomba 100px Goomba Change 10 N/A
Noki 100px Drifting Techniques 10 Finish Champion Race in Big Sonnet 3 times.
Mario 100px Medium Turbo Boost 10 N/A
Luigi 100px Poltergust 5,000 10 N/A
Wario 100px Wario-Man 12 N/A
Waluigi 100px Air Swim 12 N/A
Rosalina 100px Shooting Stars 12 N/A
Pauline 100px Parasol Girl 10 N/A