Mario and his friends race again. This is on the Wii.


Their are 16 characters per race.


  1. Mario
  1. Luigi
  1. Peach
  1. Yoshi
  1. Baby Mario
  1. Baby Luigi
  1. Toad
  1. Pianta
  1. DK (Donkey Kong)
  1. Wario
  1. Waluigi
  1. Boshi
  1. Kremlin
  1. Noki
  1. Bowser
  1. Hungry Luma


  1. Kate (Mario's Mum)
  2. Robert (Mario's Dad)
  3. Daisy
  4. Baby Peach
  5. Baby Daisy
  6. Dry Bones
  7. Boo
  8. Diddy Kong
  9. Dixie Kong
  10. Funky Kong
  11. Birdo
  12. Toadette
  13. Toadsworth
  14. Cathrine (Birdo's Mum)
  15. Sparkle (Toadette's Mum)
  16. Bowser Jr
  17. Rosalina
  18. Lara Valentine (Peach's Gardener)
  19. King Boo


Double Dash is GCN, DS is DS, Wii is Wii, 64 is N64, Super Circut is GBA and this game's is NRR (Nintendo Relaxo Raceway).

Sunshine Cup Delfino Cup Goomba Cup Mushroom Cup
NRR Mario Circut NRR Peach Chapel N64 Toad's Turnpike GCN Daisy Cruiser
NRR Moo Moo Village NRR Goomba Forest Wii Coconut Mall N64 Yoshi Valley
NRR Grassy Meadows NRR Waluigi's Bob-Bomb Factory DS Peach Gardens GBA Royal Raceway
NRR Snow Lake NRR Bullet Bill Airport GBA Broken Pier DS Delfino Square
Leaf Cup Gearmo Cup Ghost Cup OffRoad Cup
NRR Birdo's Bay NRR Snowy Mountion N64 Kalimari Desert GBA Cheese Land
NRR Peach's Ski Lodge NRR Luigi's Park Wii Wario's Gold Mine Wii Daisy Circut
NRR Mushroom Resort NRR Toad's Turnoff DS Shroom Ridge DS Airship Fortress
NRR Waluigi Homested NRR Birdo's Diamond Mine GBA Ribbon Road GCN Mushroom Bridge

Now... On to Battle Stages

Battle StagesEdit

Delfino Square

Ski Lodge

Toadette's Mushroom City


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