Mario Kart: Flaming Tires is another game in the Mario Kart series.


Unlockable CharactersEdit


How To Unlock Edit

What You Unlock How to Unlock? Weight Class
Daisy Win 150cc Flower Cup Medium
Baby Mario Win 50cc Mushroom Cup as Mario Baby
Baby Peach Win 5 Wi-Fi Battles Baby
Baby Luigi Play 30 Time Trials Baby
Dry Bones Win The 100cc Special Cup as Yoshi Small
Baby Daisy Unlock Daisy and then play as her Baby
Bombette Have a Paper Mario savefile or win 7000 wi-fi races. Small
Pauline Play 111 races Large
Diddy Kong Have a Mario Kart Wii savefile and he will be unlocked the next time you play Large
Rosalina & Luma and Polari Have a Super Mario Galaxy savefile & they will be unlocked the next time you play Medium
King Boo Play as Pink Boo Times in A 150cc cup Small
Shy Guy Do a race with Out Of The blue Items Small
King Goomba Have A Mario Party 8 File and then play on a game/board with a goomba in, the next time you play on Flaming Tyres he will be unlocked Large
Birdo Unlock 4 expert staff ghosts Large
Mona Unlock 8 expert staff ghosts Medium
Mii Unlock 12 expert staff ghosts Depends
Toad Get A Rank in a 150cc Retro Cup Small
Dry Bowser Get a * Rank medal on the Shell Cup Large
Kass Do 1110 Tricks in Battles Small
Kip Use 3000 Red Shells Small
Kalypso Unlock only 1 expert staff ghost mirror course on Time Trials Medium
Candy Kong Play as Kalypso and Donkey Kong Both 25 times (50) Medium
Bowser Jr. Win A Mirror Cup Small

King K. Rool

Unlock All 32 expert staff Ghosts Large

Larry Koopa Play as Bowser 10 times or unlock 11 expert staff ghosts Medium

Roy Koopa Complete the Bonus Cup Medium

Lemmy Koopa Use 60 blue shell's Small

New Courses Edit

Mushroom Cup Edit

Flower Cup Edit

Star Cup Edit

Special Cup Edit

Bonus Cup Edit

This cup can be unlocked after winning all of the other cups on 100cc.

Retro CoursesEdit

Shell CupEdit

Banana CupEdit

Leaf CupEdit

Lightning CupEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Mona Appears as a guest to go along with Wario and Waluigi to the represent the WarioWare Series.

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