Mario Kart: Double Clash!! is a Mario Kart Game made by ML&ST Inc.



Mario & Luigi:Medium and Medium

Peach & Daisy:Medium and Medium

Yoshi and Birdo:Meduim and Meduim

Bowser and Bowser Jr:Heavy and Medium

Wario and Waluigi:Heavy and Medium

Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong:Large and Meduim

Goomba and Koopa Troopa:Light and Meduim

Boo and Dry Bones:Meduim and Meduim

Toad and Toadette:Light and Light

Shy Guy and Wiggler:Medium and Large

Pihranha Plant and Podoboo:Meduim and Light

Cheep Cheep and Blooper:Light and Light


Baby Mario and Baby Luigi:Light and Light:Beat 50CC Mushroom Cup

Chain Chomp and Fire Chomp:Heavy and Light:Beat 50CC Shell Cup and Leaf Cup

Pianta and Noki:Heavy and Meduim:Beat 50CC Flower Cup

Buzzy Beetle and Spike Top:Beat Retro Class

Pikachu and Raichu:Meduim and Large:Beat 50CC

Lakitu and Spiny:Light and Light:Beat 100CC Shell Cup

Baby Peach and Baby Daisy:Light and Light:Beat 100CC Mushroom Cup

Hammer Bro and Boomarang Bro:Meduim and Meduim:Beat 100CC Flower Cup

Dixie Kong and Funky Kong:Meduim and Heavy:Beat 100CC Banana Cup

Luma and Star Bunny:Light and Light:Beat 100CC Star Cup

Fire Bro and Ice Bro:Meduim and Meduim:Beat 100CC Leaf Cup

ParaGoomba and ParaTroopa:Light and Meduim:Beat 100CC Nitro Class

Fly Guy and Flutter:Meduim and Heavy:Beat 100CC Retro Class

Kirby and Meta Knight:Light and Light:Beat 100CC

Cosmic Mario and Cosmic Luigi:Meduim and Meduim:Beat 150CC Mushroom Cup

Bosh Bass and Gooper Blooper:Large and Large:Beat 150CC Shell Cup

Petey Piranha and Dino Piranha:Large and Large:Beat 150CC Flower Cup

King K Rool and Kritter:Large and Large:Beat 150CC Banana Cup

Rosalina and Polari:Large and Light:Beat 150CC Star Cup

Larry Koopa and Kamek:Meduim and Meduim:Beat 150CC Leaf Cup

Dry Bowser and Shadow Mario:Large and Meduim:Beat 150CC Nitro Class

King Boo and Boolosus:Large and Large:Beat 150CC Retro Class


Red Fire (Mario and Luigi)

Heart Coach (Peach and Daisy)

Yoshi Car (Yoshi and Birdo)

Koopa Clown Car (Bowser and Bowser Jr)

Brute (Wario and Waluigi) (Wario Car)

Barrel Jet (Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong)

Shell Mobile (Goomba and Koopa Troopa)

Boo Pipes (Boo and Dry Bones)

Mushroom Mobile (Toad and Toadette)

Wiggler Express (Shy Guy and Wiggler)

Piranha Pipes (Piranha Plant and Podoboo)

Cheep Charger (Cheep Cheep and Blooper)

Goo Goo Buggy (Baby Mario and Baby Luigi)

Chomp Wagon (Chain Chomp and Fire Chomp)

F.L.U.D.D.E.R (Pianta and Noki)

Spike Toped Shell (Buzzy Beatle and Spike Top)

Poke'Mobile (Pikachu and Raichu)

Cloud Car (Lakitu and Spiny)

Baby Booster (Baby Peach and Baby Daisy)

Hamerang (Hammer Bro and Boomarang Bro)

Surfcar (Dixie Kong and Funky Kong)

Booster Star (Luma and Star Bunny)

Flame Car (Fire Bro and Ice Bro)

ParaShell (ParaGoomba and ParaTroopa)

HeliGuy (Fly Guy and Flutter)

Warp Star (Kirby and Meta Knight)

Cosmic Fire (Cosmic Mario and Cosmic Luigi)

Turbo Gooper (Boss Bass and Gooper Blooper)

Petey Prowler (Petey Piranha and Dino Piranha)

TNT Barrel (King K Rool and Kritter)

Shooting Star (Rosalina and Polari)

Magikruiser (Larry Koopa and Kamek)

Dry Bowser Shell (Dry Bowser and Shadow Mario)

Spooky Speeder (King Boo and Boolossus)


all the same from Mario Kart Wii (minus Blooper)


Note: there are two courses splitted into two series: Shy Guy Ship series and Starship Mario series. Shy Guy Ship 2 replaces Luigi Circuit, but Starship Mario 2 replace Green Hill Zone.

Mushroom Cup: Edit

Toad Town

Shy Guy Ship 1

Peach's Secret Slide

Wario Ware

Flower Cup: Edit

Mario Circuit

Shy Guy Ship 2

Pokemon Island

DK Jungle

Star Cup: Edit

Comet Observatory

Starship Mario 1

The Halberd

Good Egg Galaxy

Special Cup: Edit

Penguin Cross

World 1-1 (Super Mario Bros)

Starship Mario 2

Rainbow Road

Retro Cups:

Shell Cup:

DS Waluigi Pinball

N64 Mario Raceway

Wii Coconut Mall

GCN Baby Park

Banana Cup:

N64 DK's Jungle Parkway

GCN DK Mountain

Wii Koopa Cape

GCN Peach Beach

Leaf Cup:

Wii Maple Treeway

DS Peach Gardens

Wii Dry Dry Ruins

DS Yoshi Falls

Lightning Cup:

SNES Ghost Valley 2

N64 Choco Mountain

WII DK's Snowboard Cross

N64 Toads Turnpike

Battle Cources:

Trial Planet

Peach's Castle

Bomb-Omb Battlefield Summit

Nintendo Wii

Starship Mario Engine Room

Retro Cources:

N64 Skysraper

GBA Battle Cource 2

GCN Luigi's Mansion

DS Tart Top

Wii Funky Staduim

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