Mario Kart Double Dash 2!! is a fan fiction video game.

Character PairsEdit

  • Mario & Luigi
  • Rosalina & Luma
  • Starch & Brainy
  • Yoshi & Birdo
  • Baby Mario & Baby Luigi
  • Baby Starch & Baby Brainy
  • Toad & Toadette
  • Koopa & Paratroopa
  • Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong
  • Dixie Kong & Tiny Kong
  • Bowser & Bowser Jr.
  • Wario & Waluigi
  • Petey Piranha & King Boo
  • Goomba & ParaGoomba
  • Shy Guy & Fly Guy

Unlockable Character PairsEdit

  • Hammer Bro & Boomerang Bro - Unlock as Mario & Luigi
  • Dry Bowser & Dry Bones - Unlock as Bowser & Yoshi
  • Boshi & Pirdo - Complete in 100cc Special Cup as Paratroopa & Toad
  • Mini DK & Mini Mario - Unlock as Donkey Kong & Baby Mario
  • Baby Bowser & Baby Yoshi - Unlock as Diddy Kong & Toad
  • Boo & Dino Piranha - Unlock as King Boo & Wario
  • King K. Rool & Kritter - Unlock as Starch & Toadette
  • Mara & Zelda - Unlock as Brainy & Link
  • Lakitu & Spiny - Unlock as Mini DK & Hammer Bro
  • Mini Luigi & Mini Pauline - Complete in 150cc Flower Cup as Petey Piranha & Koopa Troopa
  • Mini Yoshi & Mini Toad - Unlock as Waluigi & Baby Luigi
  • Baby Wario & Baby Waluigi - Complete in Mirror Star Cup as Boo & Boomerang Bro
  • Pauline & Cranky Kong - Complete in 50cc in all cups as Brainy & Dixie Kong
  • Fire Bro & Ice Bro - Unlock as Toad & Toadette

Cups and TracksEdit

Mushroom CupEdit

Flower CupEdit

Star CupEdit

Special CupEdit

Shell CupEdit

  • Cheep Cheep Lake (with the Starshine Beach music)
  • Luigi's Mansion (with the Bowser's Castle 64 music)
  • Blooper's Cruise Ship (with the Peach Beach music)
  • Piranha Mountain (with the Choco Mountain music)

Banana CupEdit

  • Pauline Circuit (with the Yoshi Circuit music)
  • Paratroopa's Garbage World (with the Peach Gardens music)
  • Mini Land (with the Baby Park music)
  • Wario Stadium (with the Wario Colosseum music)

Leaf CupEdit

  • Monty Mole Park (with the Moleville Minecart music)
  • Shy Guy Town (with the Shroom Ridge music)
  • Koopa Cape (with the music from the Wii version)
  • ParaGoomba Mountain (with the DK Mountain music)

Lightning CupEdit

  • Goomba Desert (with the Dry Dry Ruins music)
  • Daisy Circuit (with the music from the Wii version)
  • Diddy's Forest (with the Maple Treeway music)
  • Rolling Coaster (with the Rainbow Road Double Dash!! music)

Hammer Cup (Must Play All Cups as Mini Mario and Mini Luigi to unlock.)Edit

  • Mario Speedway (with the Donut Plains music)
  • Peach Gardens (with the music from the DS version)
  • Hammer Bro Plains (with the Maple Treeway music)
  • Vanilla Lake (with the Sherbet Land music)



  • There are some karts from previous Mario Kart games.
  • The characters can be paired up with other characters.
  • Release Date: January 3, 2011.
  • System: Wii.
  • Controllers Used: Wii Remote, Nunchuck, Classic Controller and Gamecube Controller.
  • New karts from other characters are shown.
  • New cups are added.

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