All the 7 or 18 enemies will be togetherEdit

  • Metroid = Bullet Bill Ville-Behind the Bullet Bill Canon with the big green MB on it
  • Bulbin = Area 5-in side the Orange Crate Marked Bulb ins
  • Skull Kid = Corona Mountain-When Shadow Mario Spins go to the blue crate behind him.
  • Pokeball = Toy Time Galaxy-Talk to the Gearmo with the Pink Hat,They'll give you the Pokeball item
  • Gyroid = Outside Mushroom Cantina-There will be a crate,Smash It to see a gyroid
  • Kremling = Pitfall-When falling into the blue pipe a Kremling will wave at you
  • Kopter = Pitfall-Look into the Mirror when falling the first time you will be a Kopter
  • Waddle Dee = Skeloton Battle-One of the ghosts will taunt by holding up a Waddle Dee

How to "Find" themEdit

Take a Picture of them