Mario B-Boys Edit

Mario B-Boys (or Super Mario at Red bull BC one) is an Breakdancing Game.

In this game Mario and His friends and foes Perform The Freshest Breakdance Moves in the game.They could Do the challenges and also do Da story Mode where you need to go throught each Parks and stadium for an few good Breakdance Crew to go against Bowser and his Minions as Both Bowser and Junior are main antagonist.

Gameplay Edit

Like the Game Playstation's B-boy expect Mario charaters are in it. The Dancers could Perform Toprocks,Freeze,Power moves and Downrock footworks.

After the Performing Moves You get 5 types of Medals which appear on the Screen of when you competing these types of Medal Represented your B-Boy Skills you Improved on For example

The List of five Medals represented the every Breakdance moves you do on your truns....

The Blow Up Medal: will show your Impressive Moves and Enties alone with Finshing Moves to Filled up the gauge for your Blow up Medal. when the gauge is full the player could Perform the "Specal blow up" Based on their Special Abilty

The Rhythm Medal: Get all the Beats that appear on the ground under the player and when the Blue Beat appear it you get Points and an Power up Item that will Help support you. Freezes could also give ya more Points.

Creativity Medal: Keepin your moves and transitions Clean and fresh as Possible to keep from repeatin it them.

Chain Medal: as Many Moves together as you can do to show that you got flow

Foundation Medal: Reprsent of your improved B-boying skills of your Based Easy and Medium Breakdance Moves Moves.

Like all the Pervious Mario Sports Games That uses Items and Power ups and speakin of it The player could Get an Items When their Opponeuts is either they Repeated or Mess up their Moves 3 - 5 times the pleyer will get an Item like - red shell, or an banana to Throw at the opponeut but while you still dancing You could Dodge or avoid incoming Items that oppeneut throw at ya when the Button the you need to press appear in front of the screen.

And as for power up's will Help you an you Power move spins to Keep ya going or Help ya Sheld and deflect any items that the oppouneut throws at ya While you dancing out there.

Items Edit

Power up's Edit

Mushroom - They will help you keep going on your moves.

Starman - They will make you invinsible against any incoming items that opponeut throws at you.

Items throw at the oppounet's turns Edit

Green shell-throw the shell at the Person which will make the person crashed while Performin an Dance Move.

Red shell-

Billet Bill-

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