Mario Adventure 2: Goomba Rebellion! is a video game that was released on February 12, 2009 to celebrate Abraham Lincoln's birthday. Regardless, for all the other countries, it was released on that day.


When Bowser's kingdom begins to expand, Goombario and Goombuigi help Mario and Luigi save the Mushroom Kingdom.


In this game you play as either Mario, Luigi, Goombario, or Goombuigi. In the Mario Bros. storyline, you want to reach Goomba Village, while in the Goomba Bros. storyline, you need to find map pieces for your quest. All of the pieces you must buy from other villains, such as Wario, Waluigi, and Petey Piranha. The only boss is a double-up of Bowser and Bowser Jr.

New FeaturesEdit

  • More Bob-ombs are available. (harder levels)

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