mario teamEdit

  • mario
  • luigi
  • peach
  • diasy
  • yoshi
  • wario
  • waluigi
  • boswer
  • roy koopa
  • lubba
  • taod
  • toadette

kimba the wthie lion teamEdit

  • king kimba
  • queen kitty
  • (more characters coming soon)(only from kimba the wthie lion series)

season eventsEdit

  • summer
  • winter


  • kawls the lion"kimba series"
  • king boo"mario series"
  • female african leader"kimba series"
  • petey phinah"mario series"
  • goku"kimba series and dragon ball z series"
  • donkey kong"mario series and donkey kong series"
  • evil king kimba the wthie lion"kimba series"
  • dry boswer"mario series"
  • mario(only in kimba team's story mode)
  • king kimba (only in mario team's story mode)
  • evil lioness"kimba series"
  • boshi"mario series the rpg verson and yoshi series"
  • king mushroom lion (final boss)"mario and kimba at the olympics game sereies"

story modeEdit

(coming soon )

party modeEdit

(coming soon)


(coming soon)


(coming soon)


(coming soon)

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