Mario: Unleashed is a Mario story about Mario and Luigi and friends now raging war against Bowser and his son Bowser Jr on the nations of the planet Earth and its allys.


Mushroom KingdomEdit

3 Years have passed since the events of Super Mario Sunshine, It started when the Mushroom Kingdom is having a rainy day and Mario is in his house siting down next with his brother Luigi drinking hot coco and siting next to a fire in the fire place until the telephone rings Mario answers it and it appears to be Yoshi calling from Yoshi Bay telling Mario that the Bay is under heavy damage due to heavy rain water witch is breaking the Grand Yoshi Dam so Mario and Luigi go to the Bay to help Yoshi.


Mario:Well this is relaxing i mean the rain is calm and the plants are enjoying it.


at Yoshi BayEdit

Mario and Luigi ran out of the house and ran to the car and drove to Yoshi Bay then by the time they got there the dam was nearly cracked and begins to spill out water then Yoshi yelled out to them and told them that the dam was leaking out water fast then the dam blew out water and destroying half of Yoshi bay but all of the Yoshi's were safe after that they go to Peaches Castle.

Isle DelfenoEdit

Other worldsEdit




Princess Peach


Bowser Jr





Princess Daisy


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