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Mario: The Grand Adventures is a planed Machinima it will have Mario and Luigi.


Boba Fett 32:Well i am planing to make a machinima using the N64 i just need to know how to make a machinima and i hope to do it with some of my friends soon.

Planed EpisodesEdit

Episode I: Grand Theft MarioEdit

This episode will start off with Mario heading over to Peach's Castle, but no one was there. Instead, he finds a letter that says that Peach went off to Isle Delfino. Mario goes to Dire Dire Docks to catch a ship to the island. When he goes there, he sees a big sub that is loading off a garrison of Minions that are trying to takeover the Castle. Mario trys to see who is in charge and finds out that it is his evil clone. Fabio.

The two fight, but Mario is losing heath due to the damage he is taking. Nonetheless, Mario wins, but Fabio escapes. Mario finds out that he is travelling to the Mushroom World (the satellite states), and plans to release a super weapon inside the pyramid in Desert Land. At the base of the pyramid, they battle once more. This time, Mario kills him by punching him into the quicksand. Mario returns to the castle to see Luigi. Peach has yet to return.