Mario: BlackSlayer is a story about the Boos trying to takeover the Earth along with Bowser.

Plot Edit

4 Years after the events of Luigis Mansion, Bowser and his son try to free King Boo and try to free a legendary monster Dark Boo who is imprisoned 80 feet under ground Boo Island near King Boos castle. Bowser has discovered a map and diary that contains the legend and story about a monster named Abner Kain the Dark Boo who was the most powerful Boo ever but Bowser needs King Boo to search for him so Bowser sends his son Bowser Jr to find and get him, later he finds him by sneaking into Professor Elvin Gadd laboratory and steal the King Boo panting then activated the machine and released King Boo who now wanted revenge on the Mario Bros so he vandalized Luigis Mansion and trashed the place then he gets Boolossus and frees him and they ran away to Bowsers Base at this time King Boo and his Minions along with Boolossus resulted into another assault around in the Mushroom Kingdom once again later Bowser and King Boo went to Boo Island to locate Dark Boo.

Later Mario got a phone call from Luigi saying that his house was destroyed and the 2 paintings where gone this feared the whole Kingdom and launched an enemy warning around the Kingdom.

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