Unlockable How to Unlock
Bowser (Captain) Beat Challenge Mode with every captain, then beat it with Bowser.
Bowser Jr. (Captain) Beat Challenge Mode with Bowser, then complete Challenge Mode with Bowser Jr.
Lucario (Captain) Unlock Flower Mode on every minigame
Parax (Captain) Unlock Special Mode on every minigame
Boos (Item) Unlock Boo and King Boo in Mario's story in Challenge Mode
POW Block (Item) Unlock Koopa Troopa and Paratroopa in Yoshi's story in Challenge Mode
Mini Mushroom (Item) Unlock Mario and Luigi in Bowser's story in Challenge Mode
Micro Goombas (Item) Unlock Goomba and Paragoomba in Peach's story in Challenge Mode
The Koopalings (Item) Unlock Magikoopa and Bowser Jr. in Bowser's story in Challenge Mode
Chain Chomp (Item) Unlock every baby character (except Bowser Jr., Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong) in Yoshi's story in Challenge Mode

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