Mallow is a character who's first appearance was in Super Mario RPG: The Legend of Seven Stars.

Background Edit

Mallow was born to King and Queen Nimbus, the royal family in Nimbus Land. During infancy, Mallow was lost, but found in Tadpole Pond by the old sage Frogfucius. The old frog found the word "Mallow" inscribed on the cloud child's belt, so he guessed that Mallow was his name and raised him with this name. Frogfucius raised Mallow like one of his own, so Mallow thought he was a tadpole as he grew up, despite the difference between him and the tadpoles he grew up with. However, he never felt like a normal tadpole as not only was he a bad jumper and a terrible swimmer, but he was bigger compared to the other tadpoles.


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