Magic Star
A Star of swirling shades of purple.
  • First Appearance:
Super Mario Adventure
  • Effect on the Player
Turns Mario into Magical Mario.

The Magic Star is swirling purple-coloured Power-Up in Super Mario Adventure. It transforms Mario into Magical Mario. When collected, Mario dons a floppy, purple mage's hat, his overalls turn purple with stars on and he acquires a wand like those of the Koopalings.


When in Magical Form, Mario is surrounded by a purple, sparkling aura and is capable of shooting magical energy bolts by pressing the B button. These bolts can be used to attack enemies, destroy certain objects or activate or manipulate purple-glowing objects. Mario also has a floatier jump in this form. The only downside is that Mario takes double damage in this form, which can often prove fatal. If Mario touches water or is hit by any form of electricity or fire, he will revert to his original form.


The Magic Star was originally going to be called the Magic Mushroom, which would be purple with star and moon shaped spots, but was changed after Nintendo received complaints regarding the name, which it shares with a hallucinogenic.

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