Luigi's Adventure it's a platformer game some only are to Nintendo 3DS.


Mario has been kidnapped by Bowser & Luigi must save him.

Luigi must travel in some worlds to come to Bowser´s Castle.

World 1 Grass LandEdit

World 1-1Edit


World 1-2Edit


World 1-3Edit

Enemies:Goombas,Koopas,Bullet Bill.

World 1-TowerEdit

Enemies:Spikey Balls,Dry Bones,Koopas.

Boss:Bowser Jr.

World 1-4Edit

Enemies:Goombas,Lakitu,Koopas,Buzzy Beetels.

World 1-CastleEdit

Enemies:Lava Balls,Dry Bones,Banzai Bill.

Boss:Giant Goomba.

World 2 Desert LandEdit

World 2-1Edit

Enemies:Goombas,Dry Bones,Koopas,Pokeys

World 2-2Edit

Enemies:Goombas,Spikey Tops,Koopas.

World 2-TowerEdit

Enemies:Dry Bones,Twomphs,Giant Eel,Spkey Tops.

Boss:Bowser Jr.

World 2-3Edit


World 2-SandEdit


World 2-4Edit

Enemies:Goombas,Cheep Cheeps,Spinys,Koopas,Pokeys.

World 2-5Edit

Enemies:Goombas,Dry Bones.

World 2-CastleEdit

Enemies:Lava Balls,Bullet Bills,Spikey Balls.

Boss:Dry Bowser.

World 3 Island LandEdit

World 3-1Edit

Enemies:Goombas,Cheep Cheeps,Hammer Bros.

World 3-2Edit

Enemies:Cheep Cheeps,Sharks.

World 3-3Edit

Enemies:Goombas,Cheep Cheeps,Banzai Bill.

World 3-Ghost HouseEdit

Enemies:Boo,Dry Bones.

World 3-4Edit

Enemies:Koopas,Goombas,Hammer Bros.

World 3-TowerEdit

Enemies:Koopas,Dry Bones,Cheep Cheeps.

Boss:Bowser Jr.

World 3-5Edit

Enemies:Cheep Cheeps,Giant Fish.

World 3-6Edit

Enemies:Koopas,Goombas,Cheep Cheeps,Hammer Bros.

World 3-CastleEdit

Enemies:Dry Bones,Cheep Cheeps.

Boss:Giant Fish

World 4 Iced LandEdit

World 4-1Edit

Enemies:Goombas,Spikey Tops.

World 4-2Edit

Enemies:Spikey Tops,Hammer Bros,Koopas.

World 4-Tower 1Edit

Enemies:Dry Bones,Twomphs,Spinys.

Boss:Bowser Jr.

World 4-3Edit

Enemies:Giant Goombas.

World 4-4Edit

Enemies:Giant Goombas,Spikey Tops,Koopas.

World 4-Ghost HouseEdit

Enemies:Boo,Big Boo.

World 4-5Edit


World 4-Tower 2Edit

Enemies:Dry Bones,Twomphs,Eels

Boss:Bowser Jr

World 4-CastleEdit

Enemies:Giant Goombas,Spikey Tops,Twomphs,Dry Bones.

Boss:Chief Chilly.

World 5 Sky LandEdit

World 5-1Edit

Enemies:Goombas,Spinys,Giant Plants.

World 5-2Edit

Enemies:Lakitu,Giant Goombas,Goombas,Hammer Bros

World 5-3Edit

Enemies:Bullet Bill,Koopas,Buzzy Beetles,Banzai Bill

World 5-Tower 1Edit

Enemies:Lava Balls,Twomphs,Dry Bones,Koopas.

Boss:Bowser Jr

World 5-4Edit

Enemies:Goombas,Hammer Bros.

World 5-5Edit

Enemies:Spinys,Buzzy Beetles,Cheep Cheeps,Giant Fish

World 5-Ghost HouseEdit

Enemies:Boo,Pumpkis,Big Boo.

World 5-6Edit

Enemies:Hammer Bros,Giant Goombas,Shells,Koopas.

World 5-Tower 2Edit

Enemies:Twomphs,Dry Bones,Goombas.

Boss:Bowser Jr.

World 5-7Edit

Enemies:Buzzy Beetles,Shells.

World 5-CastleEdit

Enemies:Buzzy Beetles,Twomphs,Dry Bones,Lava Balls.

Boss:Giant Plant.

World 6 Dark LandEdit

World 6-1Edit

Enemies:Pumpkins,Boo,Banzai Bill.

World 6-2Edit


World 6-3Edit


World 6-4Edit


World 6-Tower 1Edit

Enemies:Twomphs,Dry Bones,Lava Balls.

Boss:Bowser Jr

World 6-5Edit

Enemies:Lava Balls,Dry Bones,Hammer Bros.

World 6-LavaEdit

Enemies:Cheep Cheeps,Sharks.

World 6-6Edit

Enemies:Koopas,Spikey Tops,Hammer Bros.

World 6-CastleEdit

Enemies:Spikey Balls,Twomphs,Dry Bones.


World 6-7Edit

Enemies:Hammer Bros,Koopas,Lava Balls

World 6-8Edit

Enemies:Spinys,Pumpkins,Bullet Bill,Hammer Bros.

World 6-Tower 2Edit

Enemies:Twomphs,Dry Bones.

Boss:Bowser Jr.

World 6-9Edit

Enemies:Spikey Balls,Koopas,Hammer Bros.

World 6-Koopa CastleEdit

Enemies:Lava Balls,Dry Bones,Twomphs,Fire Shoots.



  • Mushroom
  • Fire Flower
  • Star
  • Koopa Shell
  • Mega Mushroom

Retro LevelsEdit

Of you complete all levels in the game can you press,A,X,Left,Left,X this is a code some you unlock retro levels from previous Mario Games.

Super Mario Bros:World 1-1Edit

Super Mario Bros 2:World 1-1Edit

Super Mario Bros 3:Grass Land Level 2Edit

Super Mario World:Yoshi"s Island 1Edit

Super Mario 64:Bob Omb BattlefieldEdit

Super Mario Sunshine:Delfino PlazaEdit

New Super Mario Bros:World 1-1Edit


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