LegoPigeon is a company that produces Video Games and accessories. It is owned by LEGO. It is a new division of LEGO that was formed in October 2011.

Videos GamesEdit

Since it's a new video game producer, it hasn't made much except a flash game on the LEGO website. they announced that they are in the works of a new video game called "Super Mario Bros.: A LEGO Adventure".

Mario SeriesEdit


  • LEGO Mario Minifigure
  • LEGO Mario T-Shirt
  • LEGO Luigi T-Shirt
  • LEGO Luigi Minifigure
  • LEGO Yoshi Mini-set
  • LEGO Mario Minifigure magnets (Includes Yoshi)
  • LEGO Mario Minifigure keychains (Includes Yoshi)

LEGO Universe SeriesEdit

  • Lord of the Shadows Strike Again! (flash game)

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