Larry Koopa is the 2nd youngest Koopaling. He has sky blue hair, and a blue star birthmark.

Appearances Edit

Super Mario Moose Edit

Larry appears in Super Mario Moose as the boss of Moose Meadows, the first world of the game. His attacks mainly consist of shooting energy balls from his wand and jumping around. He takes three jumps on the head to be defeated.

Runner Collection Edit

Larry appears in Runner Collection as the boss of the first world in Toad Run. In his first battle, he only attacks by jumping around, spinning in his shell, and shooting energy balls. In his second battle, he gets in his Clown Car to fight.

Super Mario Adventure Edit

Larry appears in Super Mario Adventure as the second boss of World 1 and the one of Boss Blitz Level bosses. In the first fight, Larry is powered by Tanooki Leaf. He throw fireballs from his wand. He gets hit by 12 fireballs on the head to defeat him unlocking World 2: Pokey Plateau. The second fight is simple: he throws fireballs from his wand and jump from platform to platform.

Extreme Mario World Edit

Larry appears in Extreme Mario World as the boss at the World 1 Castle. The fight will have no hazards. Larry shoots out fireballs and jump. After he gets hit with 3 Koopa Shells, 12 fireballs, or 3 hits on the head to defeat him unlocking World 2.

The Last Koopaling Edit

In New Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Rainbow Stars, he is the last Koopaling. He rules World 7: Cloudtop Hills. His battle is in a platform with an lava lake. He throws sky blue flames from his wand. Jump on his head once!

Media Appearences Edit

A Koopaling Life Edit

Larry was going to appear in the canceled show A Koopaling Life as a main character. He would've been the main character in the first episode.