LarryBoy is a super hero and alter ego of Larry the Cucumber on the kid's show VeggieTales. He uses his plunger ears to stop crime and gets help from his trusty butler, Alfred. He is a part of The League of Incredible Vegetables. He has a temptation for chocolate and his greatest fear is popping balloons. He has had four adventures in the video series where he has stopped The Fib, the Rumor Weed, the Bad Apple, and Dr. flurry. He has also had many more in VeggieTales in the House and VeggieTales in the City on Netflix, where he faces off against Motato.

Appearances of Mario Fanon Edit

P&F Games Inc. Edit

LarryBoy has had eight appearances so far. He has guest starred in Shy Guy vs. the World, where he helps Shy Guy and Tiffany Guy on their quest to save the world. He appears in the crossover games Mario + VeggieTales: Quest For Morality, Mario + VeggieTales: The Sequel, Mario + VeggieTales: Motato Rises, and Mario + VeggieTales 3D, where he makes an occasional appearance in some of the levels, and also appears in many art scenes in the gallery. In the sequels, he plays a more prominent role as a protagonist. He makes many cameo appearances in The Mario + VeggieTales Collection. He also appears in the Mario Kart crossover title Mario Kart: All-Star Royale, where he is a playable character. However, he is absent from the sequel title Mario Kart: All-Star Rumble, but files for him can be found through hacking.