Lakitu are human-like Koopas who ride on clouds and, in some cases, throw Spiny Eggs at the protagonists. Sometimes, when defeated, their clouds can be ridden on by creatures other than Lakitus. They sometimes play friendly roles, such as refereeing races and filming Mario's adventures. Sometimes, it is referred to one specific Lakitu that is, like some other characters, named after their species.

Physical Appearance Edit

Lakitus are Koopas that appear to employ clouds as vehicles for flying around. The Lakitus themselves have a much different appearance from Koopas; they have differently shaped heads with small, circular noses. Most Lakitus wear thick goggles and have a ring pattern on their shell rather than the hexagonal pattern on a normal Koopa's shell. Unlike most Koopas, Lakitus have small strands of black hair on their head. Lakitus also, unlike other Koopas, have no shoes.

The Lakitus' clouds appear to have changed over the years, maybe even more than the Lakitus themselves. They generally are depicted with faces and are puffy looking.

Appearences Edit

Super Mario Moose Edit

Lakitu appears in Super Mario Moose as an enemy. Like in past games, he throws Spines at the player.

Runner Collection Edit

Lakitu appears in Runner Collection as the main character in the game Lakitu Run. He will be trying to escape Bowser and Mario.

Mario & Luigi: War of the Kingdoms Edit

The first Lakitu, known as the Referee, appears as a dodgeball match referee in Chapter 2. Also, a Lakitu appears as a news broadcaster when Mario watch TV, again in Chapter 2. Another Lakitu, known as Travel Lakitu, has helped Mario, Luigi, Shorty and the fighters defeat Copperpot in his flyship.

Media Appearences Edit

Warioz's Amazing Adventures Edit

Lakitu appears in the episode Super Chef Cook-Off as a news broadcaster introducing the teams.

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