This Article is about Koopaz Striker, User KPZSR's Mario Fanon Character


Koopaz Striker is a Blue-Shelled Koopa, he wears Silver Armor when in battle, but he already has a newer set armor which he wears from now on, he can control and form water so he can make his weapons, Water Sword or Water Bow, He also rules the Shade Fort, and is hired by Bowser since he's a Mercenary


Koopaz always seems to have something 'up his sleeve'. He can form a Sword or Bow right from Rock-solid Water, He can take on forms for other things as well, He is limited on Lightning Moves though


Koopaz's Shell color relies on what forms he has, Green for Evasive, Red for Fire, Purple for Telepathic, Black for Stealth, Orange for Flight, Blue for Regular, Rainbow for Star.


Koopaz has loads of armor he gained, He has his newer one, Rock Solid Water Armor, His Shade Fort one, Shade Fort Battle Armor, His oldest one, the Hammer Bro. Captain Armor [he was later replaced by the Army Hammer Brother. So he resigned on Captain]


"5...4...3...2...1..." Announcing to blow up a castle for New Years day "When you need to knock, knock." When a Shade Koopa opens a door when Koopaz was trying to get his shell on. "Hello... Koopa with last hope of the Shade Fort hanging for his dear life."


I can't draw well, but if anyone can draw very good and can put in a Blue Shelled Koopa. That would be fine to edit, Thanks, KPZSR1. A.K.A Koopaz 'Trooper' Striker

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