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Koopa Jr.
Race Koopa
Home Land Koopacious' Airship
Date of birth I don't have to say it, do I?
Age 9 million (original)

5 (SMB2 Deluxe)

Hair Color silver
Eye Color blue (original)

Black (SMB2 Deluxe

Gender Male
Skin Color Yellow (original)

Amber (SMB2 Deluxe)

Shell Color Silver (original)

Orange (SMB2 Deluxe

Koopa Jr.(earned due to him being a mini version of himself now), or Koopacious, is a super smart Koopa and rival of the Mario Brothers. He resembled Bowser Jr. with silver hair, a silver shell, and blue eyes(in his new form).


He started out named Koopacious, a nine million year old genius with special powers. He eventually decided to join Bowser's army to be a center of intelligence. He was told to guard Princess Peach from Mario, and he did so, and quickly attacked Mario when he spotted him enter the room. He was able to pin Mario down, but Luigi sneaked up on him, and hit him in the head with a rock. Koopacious survived the blow, but was stunned. Mario grabbed Koopacious and threw him at a nearby window. It shattered, sending Koopacious to his death. Koopacious, using his spell book, attempted to use a spell to stop his fall, but screwed up when he got closer to the ground. Despite his death from this multi-story fall, he was revived, then reverted to and forever locked in his child form.

He was rather glad to be younger and more agile, but was furious at the fact of being thrown out a window by the heroic plumber. It was very embarrassing to him. Koopacious used his powers to create minions and ordered them to build his own castle, and eventually, his own armored mini-airship. He had many adventures and fights with the Mario Brothers over the years, and vows to avenge the embarrassment that was caused by being tossed out of a window by his new enemy: Mario.

History Edit

He fought Mario several times in his own modified Airship, using his Book of Spells, most notably near Bowser's Castle, his Castle, Peach's Castle, and in space. Mario, Luigi, their friends and family had numerously disabled Koopacious's ship, him almost dying each time, but always being able to restore it with his spell book.

In Super Mario Bros. 2 Deluxe Edit

Koopacious is the boss of the eight world, Koopacious Fleet. His Fight is simple: Koopacious are now in simple designed Koopa Clown Car. The battle starts in Sky Grotto, upper to the skies. Koopacious summon the Poisonballs using his shell scepter. Then the clown car will transform info a mini Mechanical Bowser. Bowser will summon Mechakoopas for a right hand blaster. Use a floating Super Leaf to fly upwards and ground pound 3 Times. Alter that, Koopacious is down for count.

Trivia Edit

  • Koopacious seems to enjoy sinister music, or any music that involves a fight, showing that he has his own record player in his Airship, and is always playing a certain song that he likes.

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