The Kingdom Archives is the repository of The Mushroom Kingdom's knowlage. It is located in the basement of Princess Peach's Castle, and fathfuly manned by Larry the Archivest. The Archives are updated on a daily basis to keep up with cuurent events.


The Archives are reached via a concealed, high-speed evelvator leading to the circluar main chamber. The chamber fetures a high-powered supercomputer, used for searching the Archives for information. Four wings are conected to the main chamber:

  1. History: The entire known history of the Kingdom, from the begining of time till the present day, is stored in this wing.
  2. Sciences: Major advances in Science, Technology, Medicine, Philosopy, Military Stragety, ect. are stored here.
  3. Reference: Maps, Wildlife Guides, Tattle Logs, Census results, ect. are stored here.
  4. "The Vault": This is the most secure wing in the Kingdom. Some of the greatest secrets the Kingdom are stored here. Only vital personal can enter "The Vault", and information here is only revealed on a need-to-know basis.

Also conected to the main chamber is Larry's office. Here he works day and night to keep the Archives up and running.


The Acrhives were founded in 1989. It originaly consisted of Toads from the Toad Fondation working in the basement in Princess Peach's Castle (Which was at that time just a normal basement) with a handfull of old texts. In 1996, Toad scientist developed a new digital system for catologing data (The original texts were stored in "The Vault" after it's construction). Princess Peach also aproved an expansion plan for the basement, converting it into a true Library. In 2005, Larry was hired as the first Head Archivest. Peach chose him due to his inteligence and love of Reading. The Archives have escaped from any harm during Bowser's scemes, as the security systems in the prevented the Koopa Troop from entering and potentaily stealing the vaulable data stored within the Archives.


As stated above, Larry has severed as Head Librian for six year (as of 2011). The main staff of the Archives consist of Toads from the Toad Brigade, Volenters, and Peach's Servents. Several notable inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom and it's neighboring lands have also served breif terms at the Archives, including the Mario Brothers.

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