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Joel Cooper is a human who lives on the outskirts of Toad Town. He aids Mario on Super Mario Bros.: Protectors of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Joel Cooper

Joel Cooper

Hair Colour
First Appearance
Latest Appearance
Power Up Supplier and Playable Charcter
Town of Origin
Toad Town
Mario, Toadbert, Luigi, Baby Peach,
Bowser Jr., King Boo, Bowser.


Joel Cooper was born on the 3rd March 1998. He was the son of Andrew Cooper and Gwen Cooper. Joel's Father was an important soldier and was usually protecting Princess Peach's castle. Then a tragedy happened. Wen he was six, his father was away at the castle during a siege, his mother began having her second baby. She died through child birth. His father died in the war, unknowing that his wife was also dead. Joel and his sister barely lived by eating spiders and crumbs. One day, when Joel was ten his house was raided by the Koopa Troop. Joel quickly grabbed a dagger from his father's trunk and killed two of the three koopas. The third escaped with his sister, though. Ever since then Joel has sworn to take down the Koopa Troop by any means possible. When he was eleven he met Mario. He discovered he and Mario shared a hatred towards the Koopa Troop, but Mario said he was too young to fight. Now Joel is twelve and, when not helping Mario, studies the stars through his father's telescope. Joel's home was a candidate for the location of the PMK Headquarters.

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