Infinity was born in a The Good Egg Galaxy. He then went to another dimensional void in another Universe where he felt a strange and powerful prescence: Count Bleck. Count Bleck had recently been defeated and his plan ruined, so he went to Infinity, who absorbed him. Infinity then travelled all of the Universes and absorbed everything he saw. Eventually, he became the most powerful being in All Worlds. He found his way into the Mushroom Universe, which he conquered. He then knocked Mushroom World out of orbit. Subcon exploded and the 8-bits began to clash against WarioWare Inc. in an event known as the Wario Wars. After 100 years of fighting, WarioWare finally prevailed, when Infinity appeared. He absorbed Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi, and then kidnapped Princess Peach. Right when he was about to absorb her, Mario appeared and attacked him. A great battle occured, and Mario defeated Infinity and freed All Worlds from his rule. Infinity then was exiled to Outer Space by Toad. There, he found Goomboss, who had recently been defeated by Mario (in Super Mario 64 DS). The two of them broke out of Outer Space and re-entered the Grand Finale Galaxy, where they were defeated by Stanley the Exterminator, Jumpan, and DK.

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