First Appearance Implis RPG
Final Appearance still contiuing
Aliases Inny
Species Sea Koopa
Gender male
Series Inny
Place of Birth St.Augustine
Appearance SEa koopa
Relative(s) Dee Doo
Affiliation Pillow 8 comp

Implis is a Sea Koopa in St.Augustine lake.He lives with a waddle dee called Dee Doo.They both work on a store called Dollar Up.One day they did a buy one get one free deal. They earned $200.But they needed $600.$200 for Doo Dee's 3DS,$200 for The store items, and $200 for the keeping of the house.They chose the house.Depressed that they lost what they liked.They walked sadly until they saw a flyer.It said "Join our Water Olympics! .You could win one gazillion dollars!Excited,they ran to sign up.They went through multiple challenges .They finally earned their money.


He has a salesman accent.He is very fast and stiff.He loves his friends and his store.He has lots of kirby posters on his fridge.


Implis RPG :This features the attempt to get back what they want.Many Games are in here.


  1. He seems to like Kirby Games
  2. He does not know anything about Bowser including the fact that he is a koopa.

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