The illuminati (Joker News) is a group of villains in Paper Mario and the Secret World.

The Illumanti, commonly known as Joker News, claims to have ancient roots, but the truth is they are a recent addition. They started slowly setting up a network in the Mushroom Kingdoms waiting for the day they would take over. They grew with the Mushroom Kingdom over the years to become a shadow superpower led by the Android Joker. After recent events have led to it downfall.


Their secret headquaters is in labyrinth in an undisclosed location beneath a Mushroom Kingdom border region.


Acting silently, unless the occasion calls for gunshots, the Illuminati push for the New World Order over the Mushroom World. Claiming it will bring order and peace when it fact all Joker wants is powerful and does not care about the Mushroom World. There rule will be empowering and ruthless and those who stand it in way will be sent to be brainwash to obey. Failure is not an option. Complacency is worse than not an option. Their arsenal are a small secret army of Shy Guy's and Robots. They public front is a News Media company, called Joker News. Which nobody watches and never seems to be took off air. There motto is Working hard, Play hard and Fight dirty.

they are at war with the Secret_Society_of_the_X-Nauts

Important membersEdit



Joker, a prominent member in the conspiracy

Joker is the leaders of the illuminati. he is a Android who looks like a Human. He has red hair and greyish blue eyes, one being hidden by his hair. He once try to take over the Mushroom Kingdom by hijacking a aircraft and was aiming to crash it into Toadsworth, however he was stopped by Mario at the last minute and was arrested. A week later he escapes from prison by a Toad who was a member of the Order and disappears.

Kristen GearyEdit

Kirstengeary desc

the illuminati's secretary

Kristen Geary is the secretary for the illuminati and it public front Joker News and a former member of the Human Movement, she left after meeting the Joker who brainwash her into joining the order.




Dazzle, the creator of fiends. beware his power.

A Dazzle appears before almost every boss to either summon it, or turn it evil. They are said to be the Joker creations and also work for Joker News.

Lesser Members (Common enemies)Edit

Illuminati GuyEdit

Illuminati guy

an illuminati shy guy

They were formally Shy Guy's who joined and become fellowers of the Order. They wear lab coats and a gas mask.

Doomagedon KnightEdit


an illuminati powerhouse, capable of mass destruction.

The Doomagedon Knights are supercharged combat robots that are piloted by the Illuminati Guys and are very very powerful.



an illumba. dont underestimate them.

Once Goombas, the Illumbas are Illuminated Goombas that serve the order. They wear gasmasks in the shape of a gladiator helmet of ancient rome.



An Illumiguard. they are ever un-moving, unless when beating the snot out of you.

illumiguards are guardians of places. specifically places where the illuminati are.