Platformer World
Appearance Super Mario Adventure
Levels 6
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Hua-Nam is World 5 in Super Mario Adventure. It is predominantly based on China and Japan, but certain areas are influenced by Indian, Thai, Vietnamese and Filapino customs and landscapes. Notable locations include a bustling market village, a dragon shrine embedded into the Hualin Mountain, a gleaming beach with houses partially floating on the waters and a swaying pagoda. The portal that links to the other worlds can be found in a shrine deep within an archipelago not far from the Hua-Nam shore.

The hub is a village set alongside a river which runs down from the mountains towards the sea; there is a massive lake near the peak of the mountain, where the portal for Yinglong Lake lies, and along ravine that separates the town from the shrines and the mountain, the portal for The Dragon Path can be found. The village forms a rough oval shape around the river, which divides the town into two distinct halves: the poor and the rich. Little can be found in the poor side bar a few missions, but a path does lead away from it to the beach, where a small set of stilt houses can be found, as well as a boat which can be taken to Bowser's Ruin Retreat. The rich side of the village houses massive gardens and stone structures, including the portal to Ancient Garden and the path leading to the grand, swaying Jūryoku Towers.


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