Hitman is a Hitman (Of Course) who will assassinate anyone for a good price. He dresses and looks like Mario, but his eyes are red and his sleeves don't go up into his gloves. He also uses guns and wears a belt.


Depending on what type of job it will be, he uses different guns. For close range, he uses his favorite Dual Pistols. for Long-Range, he uses a Sniper. He will use a RPG for a whole building of people and grenades and mines and pipebombs.

Early LifeEdit

Hitman (Originally named Abramio Marino De Luca) grew up in Mushroom Kingdom. His father was a soldier in the Mushroom Revolutionary War, so that is where he got his inspiration for being a Hit-Man. After hearing his father was killed by an anonymous Koopa Troopa, he sent himself out to look for him after he was able to get a gun-permit legally. In the meantime, he became a Hit-Man, so he can earn some cash to live on.

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