Hawth Bowserth


Fire, Lightning, Dark, Cosmic
The Legendary Demon of the Hell.

Hawth Bowserth (Greek: Χάουθ Μπόουσερ Garouth Milotofer) is a character in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Magician's Sword. Hawth only defeatable a light bow called (Synergetic Enigma)

Trivia Edit

  • Hawth Bowserth is very difficult defeat to have 950 million health (nearly an one billion) and infinite mana. this EXTREMELY HARD to defeat.
  • It is mostly uses Fire type attacks.
  • Nearly impossible to defeat this monster. however, this weakness to Light type attacks.
  • Can teleport another dimension (or map.)

Skills Edit

Nuclear Explosion Edit

Can cause massive explosions.

Supernova Explosion Edit

Hawth jumps into space, causes a giant fireball hits an star, causes a supernova explosion.

Particle Cannon Edit

His sword can use as a weapon, like as CC Generals's Particle Uplink Cannon.

Earthquake Edit

Hawth can cause severe earthquakes after hitting severe this ground.

Phase 2 Edit

Demon King Hawth

Legendary Demon Hawth

1.5 billion

On phase two, Hawth becames a great demon king on HP reaches 0, and cause explosion and transforming an demon. Battle's music is changed. HP is upgraded to 950 million to 1.5 billion. This transformation caused by Hawth's HP is reached to zero. and causing an nuclear explosion and black hole. Party to forced battle this Hawth to live and death. Hawth says: Life and Death, You allies and the universe is became to deading! On death, causing cosmic rays into space and explodes a severe supernova (basically a hypernova) explosions and game ends. Mario and Luigi fell into sky. On after death, Yukari Yakumo strinks the Hawth's power, and sends into the hell.

Personality Edit

Hawth is a demon, with fierce horned head, Sakupen Hell type clothes. without wings. but can fly.

Music Edit

Pirate's Curse- Final Boss Theme

Pirate's Curse- Final Boss Theme

Hawth's theme song.

Music (Phase 2) Edit

CEO Phase 1

CEO Phase 1

Hawth's Phase 2 battle theme.

Music (Legend Online: Uprising) Edit

Harmony of Despair- Dark Gaze

Harmony of Despair- Dark Gaze

Hawth in Legend Online Uprising.

In the games Edit

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Magician's Sword Edit

Hawth appears as a final boss in The Nether. This appearence is the lava explosion. these on stats (on top this page.)

Geometry Dash Edit

Hawth Bowserth Nest

GD hawth

Extreme Demon
Hota1992 (creator), Tickle GD, Platnuu
Level ID

Boom Kitty
Level OBJ total

On Geometry Dash, Hawth Bowserth Nest is upcoming bossfight extreme demon by Hota1992. This level contains extremely amounts objects (80000 objects) this is makes mobile users unplayable level.

Ideas Edit

Unlike GDMiracle's ideas, GDMiracle's ideas is begins the hard straight flys. and extremely decorated by Platnuu. Hota created this level called Realm of Bloodshadow.

Inspired levels Edit

  • Realm of Bloodshadow
  • Bowser's Lair
  • Delta Interface
  • Orochi
  • Khrone
  • Fingerdash
  • Magmatic San.
  • Burning Hell
  • Zaphkiel

Minecraft Edit

This boss monster called into text: Hawth Bowserth, the Fire Lord. and shows his purple boss bar. and can instant kill this newbies. Hawth comes as an mod. This monster upcoming on Lycanite's Mobs.

Legend Online: Uprising Edit

Hawth Bowserth, the Banisher of Demons


255 quadrillion (x10 gauge)
World Boss
Dropped Items
Legendary Items; Hawth's Armors

On Legend Online, Bowserth as a world boss in Legend Online. Hawth is an one strongest fire type bosses. these nearly impossible defeat on 150 players. Hawth summoned by Andraxus.

Like as Ragnaros, Ragnaros's attack is fire type. but Hawth's attacks are ranged and melee. this Ragnaros uses the hammer.

Stats Edit

HP: x10 Gauge 255 quadrillion

Mana: Infinite

Boss Type: World Boss

First kill drop: 250.000.000 Gold

XP: 250.000.000 XP

Dropped items (first killer): Hawth's armor

Clash Royale Edit

Level 1 Hawth Bowserth

Hawth's stats are shown.

''King of the Demons, the devilish creature can cause massive damages and faster evasion. Hawth does kill instantly Golems and Lava Hounds. Hawth Bowserth can upgrade elexir limitaions.''

Hawth Bowserth is a legendary card in Clash Royale. Hawth Bowserth's roles inspired some cards:

  • Electro Wizard,
  • Mega Knight,
  • Golem,
  • Sparky,
  • Demons.

Mawaru Penguindrum Edit

Mawaru Penguindrum is a RPG Maker VX Ace Japanese high fantasy game, Hawth setted as a final boss of Hell.

Hawth Bowserth (old)

Hawth Bowserth (old)

Before update in Mawaru Penguindrum, Hawth Bowserth is a superhuman, and after update and Hawth's graphics changed to Legend Online: Uprising's graphic. In cases in first relased game, Hawth Bowserth is a barbarian. and a huge demon appeared in battle, but after update, this demon removed to Hawth battle. and get an update and founded a bug in Hawth Bowserth do doesn't use Ultima, and after update, this bug fixed.

Quest for Perfection: Legends of the Seven Stars Edit

Akuma Samurai

Shogun Hawth

Darkness, Legendary, Lightning
Japanese demon (Yorai)
Real Name
Hawth Bowserth

This Hawth appears in Japan and became in demon samurai. This demon inspired on Legend Online Uprising, this appears with a giant sword and cause severe explosions in occured. Hawth can freeze enemies, can jump into space, can cause explosions in air, can fly. Similar Astaroth, but have larger wings can cause electromagnetic pulse and take down electrically.

Trivia Edit

  1. Hawth means into Greek language: garouth meaning: fire, hell, demons.
  2. On LO:A, this monster inspired Kil'jaeden from World of Warcraft. and Andraxus and his skin from Paladins. Bowserth's cuirass with have chains, appearence as Kratos.
  3. This wings are too big, can shoot electromagnetic lasers and pulse.
  4. Hawth's behavior inspired Bowser, and generally Kammy Koopa and Astaroth.
  5. Hawth can jump higher than Cooper McKoopa.

Gallery Edit


Ultima Hawth Bowserth


Hawth Bowserth from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Magician's Sword


In Legend Online: Uprising


Old Hawth Bowserth

Legendary Demon Hawth

New Hawth Bowserth


Hawth Bowserth arsorbed ZeedMillenniumon's energy. and Hawth becomes a evil god digimon.