The Mighty Dark Land's
Gregory Jimson
The Mad Strategist
Toothpick General.jpg
Gregory Jimson
Born Gregory Andy Jimson
March 6, 1967
Dark Land
Monuments Monumment of War Honor
Residence Dark Land High Class Residence
Nationality Dark Land
Other names Commander Long-Neck
Ethnicity Human
Education Strategic Major Degree
Area of Education Dark Land University
  • Military Commander
  • Government Leader
Years active 1989-
Employer Nia<3
Organization Koopa Troop
Known for
  • Strategy
  • Victory in Battle
Notable works Victory over Goomba Rebellion Confederation
Style Organized
Influenced by Bowser
Influenced Expanson of Dark Land
Salary 100,000 (£1,000,000) Coins per Years!!!
Height 5'9
Television programme(s) "Obey": Bow down to the Masters
Title Commander
Term Forever (Until Retirement)
Political party conservative Dictorial
Board member of Authoritative Military Council
Criminal penalty Hanging
Criminal status Axis Officer - Location Known
Partner Jeff Tubhuffer
Children Jullian Jimson
Awards Most Successful Axis Strategist of the Century

Gregory Jimson, better known as Commander Long-Neck is a commanding officer in the Koopa Troop along with his partner in crime, Jeff Tubhuffer under the service of General Nia<3. He is known for signifcant land expansion of the Dark Land into neighboring nations by using military force. He has control over the land management in the Dark Land Government and territorial colonization management, he also is the officer that instructs minions in the Koopa Troop to build new cities, castles, forts, portals, states, and other structures.

Command Edit

Government Command Edit

Commander Long-Neck's main job is to handle and manage the Dark Land's land, resources, population, and structures. He commands from his headquarters and home, a small castle in the high class living area of the Dark Land. He works in a room where he can manage his work and keep the land in balance with just a room full of paperwork and two assistants to help with the masses of papers. He likes to do his work in an office rather than yelling a people to do action while making instant decisions like his counterpart, Jeff who loves to do so. Long-Neck buys, sells, and trades land everyday with other nations with the land's taxes. He is able to expand of the land and money to gain more of them. He also calculates the population and decides where all the living areas, business areas, recreational areas, and military area for the Dark Land.

Military Command Edit

Long-Neck's Command approximately 600,000 Troops of Koopas, Goombas, Shy Guys, and other specialty Troops. He commands 6 Legions of Military Forces. His armies are the 6th resort if the other armies are busy. Each legion of troops has different specialties. These are each of the Legions and their specialties:

  • Air Fleet SEAL Teams
  • 16th Koopa Battalion – The "Ferocious Conquerors"
  • 756th Goomba Battalion – The "Goomba Super Arms"
  • 45th Fly Guy Legion – The "Storm Raiders"
  • 224th Parakoopa Battlion – The "Blind Shadows"
  • 24th Magikoopa Legion – The "Capital Maginnihilators" (Magic-Annihilators)

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