Greeb is a small,Dark Purple demon-like creature set to appear in "Super Mario Burst",an upcoming fan game. Greeb is small, but powerful. His power-hungry attitude makes him highly unpredictable and dangerous. He had been trapped under Bowser's castle,in a hidden chamber for thousands of years. Until,during a fight with Mario, Bowser had accidentally released him.

"Super Mario Burst" official artwork

Personality Edit

Greeb is small,Devilish,greedy,and power hungry. Not much else is known as of now.

Role in Super Mario Burst Edit

Greeb is the main villian of the game.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike most other sprites by Greeb's creator,Greeb is 100% custom,using a Mario sprite only for correct sizing.
  • Although many assume his floating limbs were inspired by Rayman, they were actually inspired by Paper Mario-styled sprites of Dimento.

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