Gaduche Bob-Omb
My mustache is fantastic.
Born Gaduche Pierre Bob-omb
Residence Bob-omb Battlefield
Citizenship Mushroom Kingdom
Occupation Adventurer
Style Not much.
Height 1' 7 (Without Ahoge)
Weight 50 lbs.

Gaduche Bob-omb is an eccentric young bob-omb living in the Mushroom Kingdom. He's close friends with Richard, Bella, and Prabhu.


Gaduche is always confident in both his abilities and those of his friends. He takes to adventuring with a sort of passion ot often seen, and views exploring new places as a way of life. He has a tendency to be dishonest, however, and will make outrageous claims about what he and his party are capable of doing, often leading to trouble. His personality leads nicely to being close friends with Prabhu, and the two have been partners in a few games they've appeared in together.


Gaduche, like most bob-ombs, can cause a large explosive in his vicinity, launching himself upwards, and causiong
Gaduche bob omb

Gaduche in the Super Mario series.

damage to any nearby structure. He claims to be a master fencer, one of his few claims that has remained consistent, despite not having any arms to speak of. With his tendency to lie, it cannot be certain whether or not this ability is true, but he remains adament about his fencing skill.


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