"We're a lot alike, you and I. You tested me. I tested you. You killed me. I—oh, no, wait. I guess I haven't killed you yet. Well. Food for thought."

The GLaDD (Genetic Lifeform And Dousing Device)


Squirt Nozzle - The basic nozzle, which allows Mario to spray water at objects or enemies. If the button is held down lightly, Mario can run while squirting in the direction he is facing. If is held all the way down, Mario stops and squirts in place while the player can use the analog stick to aim. This is the only nozzle that can also be used in first-person mode.

Hover Nozzle - This nozzle allows Mario to hover in the air for a few seconds. The Hover Nozzle is located inside blue Nozzle Boxes. This nozzle is equipped by default when starting the game or entering a level.

Rocket Nozzle - This nozzle allows Mario to blast upwards on a stream of pressurized water after charging up for a brief period of time. However, he falls without hovering, though he does not take any falling damage. The Rocket Nozzle can be found inside red Nozzle Boxes.

Turbo Nozzle - This nozzle allows Mario to run extremely fast on land or swim extremely fast on water or underwater. Turning is more difficult when using this nozzle on land than using it on water. It rapidly uses up a large amount of water when used on land. It also allows Mario to break through orange and green doors, which are otherwise impassable. The Turbo Nozzle can be found inside gray Nozzle Boxes. This nozzle appears the least out of the seven equippable nozzles, appearing only in four main areas and Delfino Plaza.

GLaDOS NozzlesEdit

Main Nozzle - As Shown In The Picture. The Main Nozzle That GLaDD Uses.

Scan Nozzle - Used By GLaDD To Scan Things. It's Primilary Use Is To Find Cake.

Project Nozzle - Used By Gladd To Project Holograms

Cake Abduction Nozzle - When GLaDD Has Found Cake With The Scan Nozzle It Used To Abduct It Into Herself.

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