Floaty Bunker
Area World 5 
Stars Comet StarComet StarComet StarComet StarComet Star

Floaty Bunker is the second stage of World 5 in Super Mario Adventure. It is a massive metal base which floats high above icy cliffs. The level requires the use of the Volt Mushroom and the Magic Star

Floaty Bunker is notoriously one of the hardest levels in the game, and was met with mixed reception for it's dubious distinction, some saying it was unfair having the level at such an early point in the game, while others say it went perfectly with the tense plot present in Bowsarctica, and that the only mission required to be beaten is relatively simple. It is also notable as one of the few non-bonus levels not to have a sidescroller level, instead the levels Comet Medal can be found in the levels first mission.

In Bowsarctica, the portal to the Floaty Bunker is in the village on top of the metal shelter.



The Long RoadEdit

Breaking InEdit

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