Flinns are a species of humanoids, simular to Humans but more advanced coming from Skyworld.

Flinns are known for their common ability to fly as they wish. Flinns are not an evil people and don't tend to brag about their ability unless they ruthless, sick, and twisted. They also seem to know when they are being watched, stalked, spied on, or followed.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Volintary Abilities Edit

Flinns are abondant with Powers and Abilities. Some of these include Flight, Advanced Reflexes, Extended Remembering, Night Vision, Dodging, and Natural Knowledge. They have Night vision because their Retinas Can reflect more light at night making their vision stronger at night. Flinns can fly because they can heat up their cells to the point where they pick up the person. They are Volintary Colourvisonaries, which smeans they can change their Eye Color Volontarily. This is good for their disgguises, especially for identical twins. They also conduct energy through themselves so they can charge elecronics and power them by touching them. This will also also let them charge up and elecrocute what ever they want. This is provided through friction between negative and positive cells in their blood. Although they do have many abilities, they only use them when when they are nessessary or appropriate.

Appearence Edit

Flinns have the appreance like any other person. In an audience, it's impossible to tell the difference between a Flinn and a Humans, but Flinns live an average of 80 years more than regular people, so they look younger than most people. Flinns also naturally know most of each other and friends.

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