Flappy Swooper (ゆるい突然襲う動物, Loose Suddenly Attack Animals in Japan) is an G-Shop exclusive game for the Gamer and Micro Gamer. It stars a Swooper. It is produced by Gigabyte Gaming

Flappy Swooper
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Gameplay Edit

The Gameplay is similar to Flappy Bird, except pressing 2 on the controller makes Swooper go up. Not pressing 2 makes him fall.

Modes Edit

Regular Edit

Regular mode is similar to normal Flappy Bird. The player has to dodge as many pipes as they can before dying.

Tricky Edit

This mode has pipes put in tricky formations, Piranha Plant, Koopa Paratroopas, Bullet Bill, Thwomps, Fire Bars, and Bomb-ombs.

Story Edit

In this mode, the player has to go through 4 worlds to save his family from Mario. The player can use the control stick in this mode to move left, right, up, and down. The bosses are:

Price Edit

The price was originally $9.99, but the price was dropped to $6.99 due to many people thinking it was too expensive.

Beta and Unused Content Edit

Main Article: Flappy Swooper Beta and Unused Content

Flappy Swooper had some content that was never used. They were all taken out or changed.

For example, one of Mario's attacks was Tanooki, but was deleted.

Possible Sequel Edit

Gigabyte Gaming is currently not developing a sequel, but they have said that they are considering it.

Trivia Edit

  • Flappy Swooper is based off the game Flappy Bird. However, only Regular Mode is a copy of it.