Born Brooklyn
Residence Mushroom Kingdom
Other names Fabricio
Ethnicity American
Citizenship Mushroom Kingdom
Occupation Pizza Maker
Known for Making pizzas
Opponent(s) Mario, Luigi
Partner unknown

Fabricio is Mario and Luigi's younger sibling. No one really knew Fabricio because all he wasn't as famous as his older brothers. He just started a career in making pizza, at his restaurant; Fabricio Pizza. He was just another human in Mushroom Kingdom until he had his appearance in Mad, stating a short summary of his job.

Background Edit

Fabricio was born in the same hospital as Mario in Brooklyn. Fabricio Mario and Luigi were taken to their small apartment and the next day, their parents bought them all overalls and shirts and hats of all different colors. Luigi got a green hat with an L on it (For Luigi), and a green shirt. Mario got a red shirt and a hat with a M on it (For Mario), And Fabricio got the opposite of Mario; Blue shirt, red overalls, blue cap with an F on it (For Fabricio). When Baby Mario & Baby Luigi left to go to the Mushroom Kingdom, Fabricio decided to stay in the real world, and open a pizza restaurant. He did exactly as so. 20 years later, He opened and called his restaurant "Fabricio Pizza". 3 weeks later, it didn't do so well, so he decided to go to reopen it again, only this time, in the Mushroom Kingdom. He took the way Mario and Luigi did, and found himself there. 3 years later, after construction on it was finished, he opened it and named it "Fabricio Pizza" again.

Psychical Appearance Edit

Fabricio's appearance is almost the same as Mario's. Only, except he wears opposite colored clothes that of Mario's, and his hair is more lighter brown than Mario's or Luigi's.

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