Don't see the Dragon Suit, a item acquired on Super Mario World 3: Back to The Island.Template:Item Infobox

The Dragon Flower is a type of flower and a power up appearing in Super Mario Adventure. It turns Mario into Dragon Mario and it is a deep orange and red flower, with long flowing, sharp-looking petals that resemble whiskers. It's large centre has large eyes, sharp teeth and has an angry expression. Dragon Mario dresses in a suit resembling the dragons from The Dragon Path; fitting as it plays a prominent part in this stage.


Dragon Mario is capable of temporarily sustaining flight, similar to Bee Mario. In addition, Mario can breathe fire over fairly long distances. Dragon Mario also has a much stronger spin attack, which has a much wider radius and is capable of burning things. The effects of the Dragon Flower ends when all of Marios fire supply runs out (shown on a gauge in the bottom left) or if he sustains damage.