Doug is a former plumber and one of the several heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom. He had a complex past and is ready for anything that will come in his path.
Doug the Plumber

Doug's Current Look


Doug was walking through the streets of Flordia and he then fell into a sewer, but this sewer led to a warp pipe which made him fall into the Mushroom Kingdom. He was knocked out and Mario and Luigi spotted him, they took him to the Mushroom Kingdom Hospitial because they recognized him because they once went on vacation to Flordia and met him. He eventually woke up and had no clue where he was at


Home Land Mushroom Kingdom, Doug's Pad.
Height About the same height as Luigi except an inch taller.
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Gender Male
Weapon of choice Unknown, it could vary.
Birth January 14th, Same Year as Mario and Luigi
Skin Color Pale



His abilities, power-ups whenever he has them.

Formally: Lightblue shirt and hat, Blue Overalls, White Gloves and Brown Work Boots. Currently: Long Sleeved Lightblue Shirt, Lightblue Hat, Brown Work boots, Blue Gloves, and Orange Pants.

and why there were short people with Mushroom Heads, they told him about what happened and who they were. The Princess was then kidnapped, Mario and Luigi went after the culprit which was none other then Bowser. Doug followed them on their adventure, surprisingly, they couldn't defeat Bowser because he used poison mushrooms on them. Doug then ran up and defeated Bowser and saved Princess Peach which was then that he became the third hero of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Information about Doug ------->Edit

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