Dora and Amy

The Azure Devils

Dora and Amy are a pair of Ice Spirit/ Vampire crossbreeds that are cousins of Jojora.  The two sisters used to be part of a music band until Amy's psychotic behavior caused them to be kicked out.


Dora and Amy stand at roughly Princess Peach's height, have light-blue skin, white hair, sharp fangs, beady eyes and curled eyebrows similar to those of a Boo.  Dora's hair is done in a flip and wears a blue tiara with a red gem.  She also wears a light-blue T-shirt, blue-green mini-skirt and white belt with a red rhombus-shaped belt-buckle.  Amy's hair is straighter in the back and parts at the top.  She wears a teal robe that look similar to Rosalina's, but has a strap around the waist.  Both Dora and Amy wear bluish-gray capes resembling bat wings.


Dora and Amy both share the ability to fly, steal heat from anyone they get close to and their saliva contains a bizarre toxin that causes their victims to suffer bizarre neurological side-effects when it enter the victims' wounds.  Dora can shoot chunks of ice that are shaped like Bullet Bills, summon strong winds by twirling her cape, fire Aurora Beams and bend the minds of simple beasts.  Amy can launch multicolored ice shards, turn her cape into a diamond-hard shield, emit ultra-sonic screams and create Thwomps made of ice to hurl at her foes.


Dora has a mean and nasty disposition.  She is somewhat vindictive has been known to be quick to anger.  Amy has unstable personality.  She gets overexcited from time to time and is sensitive about her about her appearance.  Dora also tends to act playful with her foes in the middle of a battle.

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