Chapter oneEdit

Damon woke up. It was a cold, bleak morning.

"Hurry up, Damon!" cried his Father. "Your birthday breakfast is ready!" Damon smiled. It was hard to belive that within two years he would be a cross-dimensional criminl wanted in 16 universes for 123 counts of global destruction. Damon got up. His jester was in the Throne Room, dancing and singing. He laughed. The Jester always managed to make him smile. It was the one thing Damon looked forward to. His Jeasters jokes and songs. Everything was as it should be. The prince at the throne, to the right of his father, the Jester dancing, the cooks cooking. All was well. Until 1:00. Then Damon's life ended. And his new one began.

There was a rumble. Then a tremor Then an earthquake eupted in the ballroom. A man appeared. He was dressed in a cream overcoat and amonocle.

"Bleh-heh-heh-heh bleck!" He laughed. "Count Bleck will destroy this dimension!" And with that, he shot Damon in the chest with a blast of vortex energy. Then the castle crumbled. Damon woke up to see a void floating above what was left of his castle. He found the jester's clothes strewn about and put them on. The mask fitted perfectl. A manic laugh erupted from his lips and insanity consumed him

"Ciao." And with that Damon became Dimentio, the Master of dimensions, the pleaser of crowds. And the biggest threat to existence the Multiverse had ever seen.

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