He is from Club Penguin Fanon Universe He is Fourth Wall Breaking Penguin from a different universe... He is friends with Mario and Luigi.


He has an imense knowledge of the paranormal and loves Halloween. He has a job at the Bureau of Fiction as a ramdom freelance worker. He has different modes but they are not all known, yet. He owns his own restaurant, too.


He recently found a PDA and accidentally used the unknown narrator function to become the delegate in the South Pole Council]] in his Universe. He is an avid sailor and is the head of the CNIC, a navy crime solving agency. He owns black puffle who's name is Bouncer. Wait, what's a puffle? He only uses Doors' Xtravaganza. He is well known in the Mushroom Kingdom as the weird bird thing.


  • He is a major patron of the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki
  • He is good friends with Mario

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