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Cosmic Clones are versions of Mario and Luigi which normally try to stop them from getting power stars.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Edit

Cosmic Clones make their debut in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They chase Mario/Luigi to the Power Star, they can either cause Mario/Luigi to lose a life, or just save them instead of hurting them. They appear in Shadow Comets of Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Super Mario Galaxy 3 - Neverending Galaxies!Edit

Cosmic Clones re-appear in SMG3. Their behavior is a little different though, instead of chasing Mario/Luigi to the Power Star, they try to do the level themselves. Any Cosmic Clone can collect the Power Star, causing Mario/Luigi to lose a life. They appear in Cosmic Shadow Comets. Even though Cosmic Clones appear in this game, that means Cosmic Mario/Luigi re-appear as a racer and a unlockable character in SMG3.

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