Bowserina in 2013

Bowserina is Bowser's mother. She was born in 1931. She is Bowser Jr's grandmother. She is a boss in Super Mario Galaxy 4 The Ultimate Adventure in Bowser's airship part 1. She is a very nasty fighter when she gets serious in a battle. Bowserina is one of member of 10 Demon Kings of the Realm.


Bowserina first appears in Super Mario Galaxy 4 The Ultimate Adventure at the beginning when is with the Koopalings when they invade Peach's Castle. She uses her cane to whack Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi out into space. She later is a boss in Bowser's airship part 1 where she attack with fire and with her cane. She also appears in the super Mario bros super show in the episode: Do you princess toadstool take this koopa?.


  • "Ha Ha Ha! Take that you stupid plumbers!"Super Mario Galaxy 4 The Ultimate Adventure when the koopalings attack Princess Peach's castle
  • "Oh is that you again Mario. You managed to defeat my step grandchildren but you will NEVER DEFEAT ME!!!!!!!! LET'S BATTLE!!! I WILL USE MY CANE TO WHACK YOU!!! DON'T WORRY!!!! THIS WILL ONLY HURT YOU A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!"Super Mario Galaxy 4 the Ultimate Adventure before battling Mario.
  • "I am no old koopa lady you little plumber boys should mess around with, because I can get very dangerous when I'm ferociously angry. So prepare to meet your doom." Super Mario Galaxy 4 the Ultimate Adventure after her 1st defeat before the 2nd battle.

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