Template:Game-infoboxBowser the Warrior (or Bowser Warrior) is a Super Mario Bros. fan game developed by Radel999 (R. Malinowski, from Dunami Co., Ltd.). It is the first game of the Bowser the Warrior trilogy. This fan game stars Bowser in a Contra-like setting. The game can be downloaded here.



Bowser in Stage 1.

Bowser the Warrior is divided into 7 stages, each ending with a boss battle. Bowser has to reach a stage's boss by jumping over various obstacles and gaps and shooting or avoiding enemies on his way. Aside from enemies, Bowser can also shoot oil barrels, causing them to explode and allowing them to open up a path, but they can also put Bowser into danger or an unwinnable condition if the barrels cover up a long gap that Bowser can't simply jump over.

Enemies include Alien Grunts (Contra), Gigaflies (Contra), fish/piranhas, Rexes, a Wolf (Pooyan), Garuns (Gradius), and Wall Mouths (Contra). All of these enemies can be defeated by shooting them. Garuns and Wall Mouths can only be found in Stage 6's "shoot 'em up" section, which also happens to be the only stage that only features those two enemy kinds.


Bowser flying his spaceship in the beginning of Stage 6.

If Bowser gets in contact with enemies or hazards, he'll lose power. If his power runs out or he falls down a pit, he loses a life, and restarts the stage from either the beginning or a later point after a stage's screen change if it's divided into multiple sections. Bowser can also lose a life during the "shoot 'em up" section of Stage 6 by simply colliding with any enemy, hazard, or solid object since Bowser's power gauge is absent during said section.

There are three kinds of power-ups. The first-aid kit heals Bowser by 2 power points. A special pick-up exclusive only to Stage 6's "shoot 'em up" section allows Bowser's ship to fire three laser shots in a "spread-out" fashion. The 1UP orb gives Bowser an additional life.


Bowser facing Shadow Beast Head at the end of Stage 7.

At the end of each stage, Bowser is confronted with a stage boss. Stage bosses include Guardian Commander (Abadox, Stage 1), GTR/Super Power Robot Yokozuna (Contra, Stage 2), Krypto Crustacean (Contra, Stage 3), Gray Wolf (Pooyan, Stage 4), Wart (Stage 5), Nerves Guardian (Abadox, Stage 6, fought twice), and Shadow Beast Head (Contra, Stage 7). Bowser has to pelt a stage boss with a number of gunshots to defeat said boss and win the stage. After defeating a boss and before progressing to the next stage, Bowser will receive a 1,000-point bonus for his score. As for the final boss, if it's defeated, Bowser completes his adventure.


The game uses default Games Factory control scheme, meaning that the "Ctrl" key is used to shoot, the "Shift" key is used to make Bowser jump, while the left and right arrow keys are used to move Bowser. The player can rebind the keys to his/her own preference, however.


This lists the obtainable items found in Bowser the Warrior.

First-Aid Kit Common Heals Bowser by 2 power points.
Power-Up Item Rare*

Gives the ability to fire three laser shots in a spread shot.

1UP Orb Rare Gives an extra life.

)* Note: Can only be found and usable in the first section of Stage 6.


Playable charactersEdit


Alien Grunt A Xenomorph-lookalike that patrols along the ground, moving only left and right.
Fish/Piranha A green fish-like creature. It jumps out from certain spots in water or any other pool of liquid.
Garun Strange, spaceship-like enemies that come in two colors, red and blue. They only appear in Stage 6's "shoot 'em up" section.
Gigafly A large insect-like alien that hovers around left and right.
Rex A purple dinosaur-like dragon first found in Stage 4. At first, this kind of enemy moves the same way as Alien Grunts, moving only left and right, but it can surprise Bowser by suddenly leaping high.
Wall Mouth A purple obstacle with only a mouth with sharp teeth inside. It attacks by shooting out orbs.
Wolf An anthropomorphic wolf who is the only minion of the also-anthropomorphic Gray Wolf. It's the only enemy that can only be encountered in a boss battle.

Bosses and mini-bossesEdit

  • Guardian Commander (Abadox, Stage 1)
  • GTR/Super Power Robot Yokozuna (Contra, Stage 2)
  • Krypto Crustacean (Contra, Stage 3)
  • Gray Wolf (Pooyan, Stage 4)
  • Wart (Stage 5)
  • Nerves Guardian (Abadox, Stage 6)
  • Giant Alien (Wai Wai World, Stage 7) (mini-boss)
  • Shadow Beast Head (Contra, Stage 7)

List of stagesEdit

Name Setting Enemies found
Stage 1 City Alien Grunt, Gigafly, Guardian Commander
Stage 2 Sewers Alien Grunt, Gigafly, Fish/Piranha, GTR/Super Power Robot Yokozuna
Stage 3 Cave Alien Grunt, Gigafly, Fish/Piranha, Krypto Crustacean
Stage 4 Grassland Alien Grunt, Gigafly, Fish/Piranha, Rex, Wolf, Gray Wolf
Stage 5 Ruined city Alien Grunt, Gigafly, Rex, Wart
Stage 6 Outer space Alien Grunt, Gigafly, Rex, Garun, Wall Mouth, Nerves Guardian
Stage 7 Alien's innards Alien Grunt, Gigafly, Fish/Piranha, Rex, Giant Alien, Shadow Beast Head

Bugs and glitchesEdit

Collision problemsEdit

As this game is Radel999's very first game project, collision problems are commonplace. Bowser can easily get stuck on solid walls if the player pushes Bowser towards one, especially while jumping. Speaking of jumping, simply colliding with a solid object will freeze the player's movement controls, which can result in Bowser losing a life if this problem occurs when jumping over gaps.


Level designerEdit

  • R. Malinowski

Sound designerEdit

  • R. Malinowski

Graphic designerEdit

  • R. Malinowski

Level testerEdit

  • R. Malinowski


  • R. Malinowski





  • Aside from the Mario universe, other video games featured in this fan game include Contra, Abadox, Pooyan, Gradius, and Wai Wai World.
  • The credits roll has a few typos/misspellings, like the word "Design" becoming "Desing".