Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr. is Bowser's on the timeline then Super Mario Sunshine.

Creation: In ToonKing2 fan comics Bowser Jr is Bowser's oldest son. Bowser Jr. is almost like a clone of Bowser.

Relatives: Bowser, Ludwig, Roy, Morton, Wendy, Lemmy, Iggy, and Larry.

Father: Bowser

Mother: Clawdia Koopa

Brother: Broser Koppa

Uncle:Morton Koopa Sr(deceased)

Aunt: Lemmla Koopa

Grandfather: Igser Koopa Jr.

Grandmother: Ludwinda Koopa (deceased)

Ancient relative: Ser Koopa

Relationship with Bowser:

Bowser Jr is spoiled rotten by his father. He follows in the footsteps in being bad just like his dad.

Relationship with Koopalings:

Bowser Jr obviously outranks and bosses around the koopalings. The Koopalings are jealous of him so they bully him. The koopalings Bowser Jr gets along with the most are the twins Lemmy and Iggy. The koopaling Bowser Jr argues with he most is probally Ludwig. Same thing happens in the Toonking2 Fan Comics.

Appearences Edit

Bowser jr. and the tians he appeared as the main protagonist procented his siblings from fawful and the dark star. Edit

Mario and the bat slayer Edit

Bowser Jr., alongside Mario and Princess Peach, work in team to defeat Bat Slayer Bowser in his palace, with an high tower at the top.

Bowser jr. The rock giant when bowser Jr. Reviched a rock like mushroom he turns into a rock troll like monster and captures peach Mario Luigi toad and wario go to save her. Edit

Super Mario Moose Edit

Bowser Jr. will appear in Super Mario Moose as a boss. He will appear at the end of 3 different worlds on his airship.

Bowser's Story Edit

Bowser Jr. will appear in Bowser's Story as a playable character.

Runner Collection Edit

Bowser Jr. has been confirmed to appear in Runner Collection as a boss. His attacks are currently unknown.